We discussed in a previous post how social networks are a great tool for marketing your SCUBA business online, and creating more of a presence in the SCUBA community.

With the surging popularity of social networks, it is not hard to become active with several groups of people who are current fans of your business. But not everyone belongs to a social network, and you want everyone to have access to your business information. So when people use Google to search for SCUBA-related items, how do you make sure your dive business is the first they see? It’s what is known as search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization

Simply put, SEO is the technique of improving your website’s visibility to search engines so as to show up at the top of the search results. Websites that appear at the top of the search results are more likely to get higher traffic. There are several ways in which this can be accomplished.

Content is King


Having regular content on your site is a great way to stay prominent in search engine results. Whether you choose to write a daily blog or post interesting pictures and videos related to SCUBA, fresh postings will help keep your website at the top of results for specific keywords. Keywords are crucial to your website’s traffic, and there are tools to help you figure out what keywords are most used, so that you can create content that will increase your numbers.


Also known as incoming or inbound links, backlinks are very important for search engine optimization because they not only help other people discover your business through other websites, they also help search engines discover that information for search results. By having creative content that appeals to a large group of people, you will increase the number of websites that backlink to yours, therefore increasing traffic — for free!

Keyword Selection

As noted under the Content section, keywords and keyword phrases are an integral component to search engine optimization. If you want to be included in the top 3 search results for “Anycity SCUBA diving,” make sure your content includes those keywords.


Don’t overthink it — simple search terms are what people generally use in search engines. If you have SCUBA classes and can’t seem to rank for that particular term, remember you can also use synonymous words like “education,” “training,” or “courses.” Make it easy for people to find you!

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