The infographic will show you where you can find the best dive sites in Belize. As you will see the dive sites are equally divided between the north and the south of the country. The trip to the Blue Hole in the Lighthouse atoll will be a long ride, either you are coming from the cayes or from the south.

Where to Find the Best Dive Sites in Belize?

Join our underwater photography dive trip to Belize hosted by featured u/w photographer Janice Carter and become a better u/w photographer within a week. It is hard to say what the best dive sites in Belize are. Although Belize is a small country it is big in choices of dive sites. When you travel to Belize for a dive vacation it can be hard to decide where to set up camp in order to get the best dives done. Most people visiting Belize would like to see a bit more of the country then only the underwater world.

If you would stay on one of the cayes you have short boat rides to the different dive sites but it will be more difficult and it will take more time to plan inland tours.

If you would decide to stay in Placencia for example, the boat rides to the dive sites are a bit longer but it is much easier to plan inland tours, since Placencia lies on a peninsula and you can drive the Maya ruins or some amazing waterfalls.

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