Scuba divers asked us what are the best dive sites in Sudan? We will go into more detail about scuba diving in Sudan in general and where to find the best dive sites in in this amazing African country.

Sudan is one of the largest countries in Africa and also one of the largest countries in the Arab world, but one of the reasons that it’s so famous, especially amongst divers, is because it’s full of amazing scuba dive sites that feature unique underwater attractions that are unlike any other places on the planet.

From shark dives to coral reef dives and wreck dives, there are plenty of scuba dive sites to choose from throughout Sudan, and many of them can be accessed surprisingly easily with the right help.

To learn more about the best dive scuba sites in Sudan so that you can plan your trip there with greater ease, continue reading.

How to Get to the Best Scuba Dive Sites Sudan?

One of the easiest ways to arrive in Sudan is at Port Sudan Airport. In fact, many European, African, and Middle Eastern airlines fly right into Sudan regularly.

Since the majority of the scuba diving in Sudan in done on a liveaboard you will probably be picked up in port Sudan by the operator and you will be taken to the vessel where you will spend the night.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to get into Sudan by train, there are no such services to the area. However, you can drive into Sudan from neighboring Ethiopia. Drive though Gallabat, which is a border village.

You may also be able to drive in from Egypt, but be sure to check if the road is open, as it often closes as a result of poor trading and diplomatic relations between the nations.

If you wish to enter Sudan by sea, you can do so via a ferry from Egypt. You can also get on a ferry from Saudi Arabia.

3 of the Best Scuba Dive Sites in Sudan?

The Wreck of Umbria: This wreck is found at Wingate Reef, lying on its port side, and the deepest area of the wreck lies in 38 meters of water.

Dubbed one of the best wrecks in the world, you can explore this nearly intact wreck and check out all of the things that were left inside of it when it sank, as well as all of the marine life and corals that have now made it their home.

Explore the wreck of the Umbria

Sanganeb National Park houses 124 coral reefs, where dolphins, turtles, three shark species, and an array of fish species thrive. Large fish, including barracuda, groupers, and jackfish, are also very common here.

If you want to see sharks during your diving trip, definitely visit this site, where tiger sharks and hammerheads might be seen alongside barracuda and manta rays.

Shaab Rumi: This is definitely one of the best scuba diving destinations in Sudan, and one of the best in the Red Sea as well.
The water is superbly clear and the marine life is so diverse that scientists use the area to study a variety of species regularly.

Jacque-Yves Cousteau made this area really famous when he began studying it in the 1960s, and its reefs have been inspiring divers ever since. Gray sharks, hammerheads, interesting sea plants, and an abundant number of fish are found here, along with amazing walls filled with corals.

Precontinent 2 structure, used in 1960 to study sharks behavior

What to See Underwater when Scuba diving in Sudan?

With a variety of scuba dive sites to choose from throughout Sudan, it’s no wonder that divers are able to enjoy myriad reefs that are thriving with everything from small crustaceans to large schools of fish.

But what makes Sudan stand out against other dive sites on the planet is the ability to dive into the water and have high odds of seeing some of the world’s most beautiful sharks.
While exploring, you’ll also have the opportunity to see everything from sea turtles, dolphins, and rays to soft and hard corals of all kinds.

Best Time to Dive go Scuba diving in Sudan?

You can certainly scuba dive in Sudan throughout all 12 months of the year. The majority of the liveaboard trips are scheduled between between February and June.

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