Wondering where you can spot large marine life while scuba diving? There are some fantastic places to go if it is big marine life you are hoping to spot on your dive. Marine life is one of the most amazing things in the world, and divers have the privilege of being able to enjoy it

Manta Ray is a classic example op big Marine life

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Bonaire is one of the ABC islands in the Dutch Antilles in the Caribbean. The other two islands are Curaçao and Aruba, where you can also go on some amazing dives. For big marine life, however, Bonaire truly is the place to go. The East Side of the island in particular is home to sharks, green morays, tarpons and turtles. There are also entire shoals of barracuda, and if you are lucky you may even spot dolphins.


In the Bahamas, you can go on big fish expeditions to look for Oceanic Whitetips. These are amazing and beautiful big sharks with a very bold personality. Of course, there are many other sharks in the Bahamas as well, such as nurse sharks, tiger sharks and lemon sharks. There are also many shoals of tuna, which attract the Oceanic Whitetips.

Meet the Oceanic White Tip Shark

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Blowing Rock – Big Corn Island, Nicaragua

This is not only a fantastic spot to spot big wildlife whilst diving, but also generally one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world and best diving locations in the world. Besides big fish, you are likely to encounter turtles and pinnacles.

Cod Hole – Great Barrier Reef

The Cod Hole on the Great Barrier Reef is home to the Potato Cod. This is a fish that can grow to over six foot in length. As many people have been diving in this area, the potato cods are almost tame and expect snacks to be given to them. This means you can truly get up close and personal with this particular big fish.

Basket Coral Garden – Coral Fan Garden – Gili Islands

If you enjoy big wildlife on your diving expeditions, big corals should also not be missed of course. Both Basket Coral Garden and Coral Fan Garden in the Gili Islands are truly amazing sites. The wildlife that congregates around the big coral blocks in this diving destination is also fantastic and you will be able to see a myriad of colourful fish and other marine life.

Shark Point – Gili Islands

Another fantastic spot on the Gili Islands is Shark Point. As the name suggests, you are likely to encounter sharks, but there are also big gorgonians as well as sponges. Other marine life in Shark Point includes turtles and reef fish. The reef itself is quite deep and drops down to around 40 metres, meaning it is more applicable to the more advanced divers.

Boulder City Starting – Gili Islands

One last spot to see big marine life in the Gili Islands is Boulder City Starting. There is a huge vertical wall going down to 30 metres where you will find big rocks that have created natural caves and swim throughs. Again, you are very likely to encounter sharks in this area.

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