Would you like to dive with the Bull Sharks in Costa Rica? Bull sharks are one of the largest species of sharks found in both freshwater and saltwater throughout the world.

Bull Sharks are also one of the most sought-after underwater creatures by adventurous scuba divers who want to feel the rush of being near an Apex predator, taking photographs and observing their smooth bodies as they glide effortlessly through the water.

Bull shark as seen in Costa Rica

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Bull sharks in Costa Rica (and anywhere else) will not harm scuba divers who respect them and keep their distance, so you can rest assured that, with the right dive centre crew as your guide, you will be able to access the very best dive sites where these creatures spend their time relaxing and feeding, and you can enjoy a safe and fun experience.

One of the best places to dive with bull sharks is Costa Rica. Continue reading to learn about the best time of year and the best dive sites to visit while visiting Costa Rica as this is an experience you definitely want to enjoy at some point in your life.

Where Are Bull Sharks Typically Found in Costa Rica?

The very best place to experience bull sharks in Costa Rica are the Bat Islands / Isla murcielagos AKA “The Bats” at a dive site called “Big Scare”

An experienced dive crew will be able to take you to the best spots where bull sharks are frequently seen so that you can get up close and personal with these incredible creatures that play such an integral role in the health of the oceans of our planet.

Bull shark at Bat Islands, Costa Rica

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And the great thing about the Bat Islands is the fact that they boast so much more than just bull sharks. There are many other marine species that you can enjoy there during your diving expedition because the islands’ waters are part of Santa Rosa National Park, which is a protected area where marine life has been able to flourish.

But, in addition to the Bat Islands, you can also experience bull sharks in other dive sites around Costa Rica, such as at the local dive sites around Playas del Coco.

What is the Best Time of Year for Diving with Bull Sharks in Costa Rica?

If you are heading off to the islands and dive sites of Costa Rica with the particular goal of diving in the midst of several bull sharks, the most opportune time to do so would be between the months of May and October, though you may be able to enjoy these sharks in November as well.

This is known as the “green season,” or the rainy season, which runs typically from May all the way through to December.
As you can imagine, all of the vegetation on the land becomes lush and vibrantly green as a result of the rains, hence the nickname, and the waters tend to be less rough as well.

Bat Islands, Costa Rica

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What Experience Level is Required to Dive with Bull Sharks in Costa Rica?

Because bull sharks can be potentially dangerous, it is best to have an advanced diving certification and plenty of experience behind you before venturing to Costa Rica in order to dive with these massive giants of the deep.

Beginners and even intermediate divers may not be able to handle both the currents of the water and the bull sharks that will be passing by, so get some experience with some more docile giants first if you are just starting out.

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