Wondering how you should behave on a boat dive trip? If you have never been on a boat dive trip before or you are wondering what the proper etiquette is for this type of scuba dive trips, continue reading for some helpful tips.

In order to get out to some of the very best dive sites all over the world you will often have to travel by boat. So at some point, you will have to go on one, and you will need to know how to properly behave and what to expect while on board and after you get back into the boat from the water.

Boat diving will bring you to reefs you can not reach otherwise

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Be on Time for a Boat Dive Trip and Ask for Permission to Board

When it comes to boat scuba diving trips that leave multiple times per day, you definitely want to be sure you arrive with time to spare so that you do not end up holding anybody up and making anyone late.

Wen you arrive, do not simply walk onto the boat, instead, wait until you are invited to board by the crew or simply ask permission if you are not sure what to do. Basically, you want to be certain that the crew has had ample time to clean and set up the boat properly before their guests’ board.

Stay Within Your Limits when on a Boat Dive Trip

Once aboard, stick to areas that you are allowed to be in and avoid going into restricted areas of the boat that are for crew members only. You also want to be sure you know where you are allowed to be when you are wet, as there are usually restrictions with regards to where you can be until you are completely dry.

Listen to the Safety Briefing

Your dive crew will tell you all about the safety precautions you should be taking both on the boat and in the water during your trip, and they will also tell you about their “dive call,” which will be used in the event of an emergency.

Whether or not they tell you where the safety gear you might need is (such as flashlights, flares, VHF radios, life jackets, etc.), make sure you locate them before getting into the water. Listen carefully to the safety briefing and do not cause others to become distracted either.

Boat dive briefing

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Keep Your Gear Organized and Set Up

Keeping your diving gear organized in the designated space you are assigned by the crew is also common courtesy. Make sure you set up your dive gear when you board the ship and get settled in, making sure that everything is in working order and that you have not forgotten anything.

Do this all before the boat leaves because, if you do forget anything, it will be too late once the boat departs.

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Use the Right Rinse Buckets on a Boat Dive Trip

When you are ready to rinse off your gear after your boat dive trip is over, make sure you locate the appropriate buckets to do so. Your dive crew will have a few buckets set up, each marked with what items are allowed to be rinsed in them.

For example, you definitely do not want to rinse off your camera gear in the mask bucket, as a camera lens can be damaged by the defog solution used on scuba masks.

Enter and Exit the Water Properly

Listen to your dive crew for instructions on how to properly enter and exit the water and, no matter what, be courteous and wait your turn for the sake of safety.

Some boats are easier to get on then others

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Be Respectful

While aboard, you want to respect those around you, so keep your voice down, don’t use foul language, and don’t smoke unless there is a designated area to do so. Understanding the proper etiquette while on a boat dive trip will ensure that you and everyone aboard will have a safe and wonderful time. In the unfortunate even you get sea sickness find a spot on the boat where you have a clear view on the horizon.

Once you have a made a boat dive trip at least once, you will definitely feel more comfortable and you will automatically know what to do, but the first time may be a little confusing if you do not remember these tips.

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