Bonaire did it again! She ranked #1 for best shore dive destination in the world for 2014

Bonaire, which is located 86 miles from the popular island of Aruba, is one of the most sought-after scuba diving destinations on the planet, thanks to its 12 months of sunny, warm weather and abundant marine life.

In fact, Bonaire’s waters are home to the highest number of marine species in the entire Caribbean, making it a prime destination for those who want to experience reef dives that are guaranteed to produce close encounters with beautiful creatures who call the sea home.

We congratulate Bonaire for being a winner in 2014 again

An Award Winning Dive Spot

If you are in search of a scuba diving location that is guaranteed to please, no matter what type of diving experience you are hoping for, Bonaire is definitely an island you want to check out. In fact, this island has won many awards for its beauty and its great accommodation and dive centers for adventurers who long to explore the underwater world.

Bonaire has been a favorite of Scuba Diving Magazine for many years. In fact, it was recently named the very best shore diving destination in the world for the 21st year in a row, which is truly incredible and commendable.

In total, Bonaire received a total of seven different awards from the magazine for its Readers’ Choice Awards. When it comes to diving destinations found in the Atlantic and Caribbean, Bonaire has earned the top spot for:

  • Best Beginner Diving 2014
  • Best Shore Diving 2014
  • Best Macro Diving 2014

So be sure to bring your camera the next time you head to Bonaire if you haven’t ever had the opportunity to take some incredible underwater photos during your past trips to the island paradise.

One of Bonaire famous dive sites “Salt Pier”

Photo Credit: Sidnei Queiroz

And, in addition to getting #1 rankings, Bonaire also snagged other high-ranking spots in the awards program devised by Scuba Diving Magazine. These include:

  • 2 for Best Marine Environment and Best Overall Destination

  • 3 for Best Overall Diving

  • Bonaire also ranked #4 in the Best Visibility category

Conservation in Action

Bonaire’s National Marine Park is protected by the government of the island, which ensures that the environment will remain as pristine as possible and that the myriad marine species that call the waters home will be safe from harm.

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