A cage dive with sharks is an experience that enables anybody that is interested in sharks – whether you are a scuba diver or not – to observe the Great White Shark in its natural habitat.  The cages are made from professional grade metals which form a barrier that is recognizable as such by the shark. 

This means that the sharks usually leave the cages alone.  Of course, the diver’s safety needs to remain a priority at all times, as does the safety of the sharks.

A cage dive with sharks is straining both physically and mentally, but it is well worth it.  Even though you will know that you are perfectly safe in the cage, it can still be a very scary experience to be within touching distance of the relatives of Jaws.

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The best places to cage dive with sharks

If you are looking for the ultimate scuba diving thrill, you should take the opportunity to go on a cage dive with sharks if it ever presents itself.  One of the best places to do this is in South Africa or Isla Guadalupe in Mexicoo, where you can cage dive with the Great White Shark, the king of the ocean!

What do You Need to Cage Dive with Sharks?

One of the best things about going on a cage dive with sharks is that it requires very little equipment, other than a boat and the cage of course.  In fact, many organisers of cage dives use surface air rather than air tanks.  Of course, you do need to wear a regulator and weights, but that is mainly to ensure you are comfortable whilst in the cage. 

It is also recommended to wear a dry suit, again for your own comfort, but these will generally be provided by the tour operators that will take you on your cage dive.

Facts About Sharks

If you are thinking of going on a cage dive with sharks, you should know some basic facts about these mysterious animals.  Sharks have been living in our oceans for over 400 million years and are fully carnivorous, living on a diet of other marine animals.  Depending on the type of teeth the shark has, they will either eat smaller fish or larger marine species such as seals. 

There are even some sharks that have such tiny teeth that they are virtually non-existent.  These sharks open their mouths to suck in large numbers of plankton, which is their main diet.

Shark dives are populair with or without a cage

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Sharks are surprisingly homely, in as such that they seem to stay in a specific area.  In fact, if you go on a cage dive with sharks, you operator will probably be able to point out the individual sharks and they may even have been given names and have recognizable personalities.

Most sharks live quite solitarily, until it comes to mating season, when sharks suddenly start to flock together.  This can happen in a variety of locations the world over, which demonstrates the importance of the international community working together for the protection of sharks, particularly those who are close to extinction.

One other interesting fact about sharks is that some are live bearing and others are egg bearing.  It fully depends on the type of shark.

The Great White Shark

Although you can go on a cage dive with sharks of a number of different species, the Great White Shark is, of course, the mother of all sharks and you may as well go for it.  The Great White Shark, since Jaws, has received a really bad name for being a killer. Did you know that falling coconuts and vending machines kill more people per year then sharks? 

However, many shark attacks attributed to the Great White are more likely to have been caused by Bull Sharks.  This is because these attacks tend to take place in shallow waters, which is not a natural place for the Great White to be.

Not much is clear about the life of the Great White Shark. Some have been tagged and all this has shown is that some sharks travel the world around the oceans, whereas others prefer to stay in a single area all their life.  Mysterious and greatly feared creatures, they are on the top of the underwater food chain, ranking above other sharks of course.

As you can see, going on a cage dive with sharks is an incredibly impressive experience that will leave you exhausted from physical and mental exertion, but at the same time revitalized and invigorated by the experience itself.

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