Dive the Gili Islands in Indonesia and find some of the most amazing dive sites in the world. Known as the Gilis, this island chain is composed of three islands that are located off the northwest coast of Lombok in Indonesia.

Divers from around the world flock here to experience some of the most intriguing sites they have ever had the pleasure of being in.

Aerial view of the Gili Islands, Indonesia

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Gili Trawangan is the largest of the three islands, and it is where tourists and locals love to party and really take in life. But it is also a popular destination thanks to its sandy beaches and crystal clear waters that are perfect for snorkelling and diving.

Gili Meno is a lesser-known island, but it is perfect for those who are seeking a more laidback experience. And, finally, Gili Air is the island that is located the closest to Lombok. It features a well-developed community of locals on the island, so it’s a great destination for those seeking a bit of a retreat amongst friendly people.

Why the Gili Islands are So Spectacular

The Gili Islands are, not surprisingly, one of the prime destinations for scuba diving in Indonesia. These islands are also famously known as the “turtle capital of the world,” so if you love sea turtles and have been looking for a site where you can get up close and personal to them, you have found your destination in the Gili Islands.

Every island features its own great dive sites that keep people coming back for more, but in total, there are about 25 different dive sites surrounding these three islands. Choose from sites that will let you see rays and sharks to those that have incredibly colorful coral reef systems and schools of fish that are perfect for underwater photography.

When to Dive the Gili Islands?

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