For decades, a small number of divers have been enjoying the excellent diving off the east coast of the island of Bohol in the Philippines. A 14-kilometer long reef attracts divers to some small dive centers along the coast from Anda to Guindulman.

A birds eye view from Anda on Bohol

Photo credit: Allard van der Graaf

Visit Bohol for world class diving with a few different destinations.

The Anda area is one of these. In the past, this area of Bohol did not see many “regular” tourists, those that came to the area were coming for the excellent diving only.

It where German tourists that showed the world the world class beach that we now know as Boracay, and it where the German divers who first came to the dive sites of Anda on the Island of Bohol

Now their secrets are out, and divers around the world are finding their way to the outstanding diving and the comfortable dive resorts on Bohol in the Philippines.

The dive industry that subsequently emerged was initially simple, as long as the divers had healthy reefs, massive marine life, and excellent visibility with resorts that were clean, comfortable and had outstanding food nothing else was needed. That is still what you will find when you travel to Anda on the Island of Bohol for an epic scuba trip.

The two municipalities (districts), Anda, and Guindulman would be considered rural towns in other portions of the world. Each district has some smaller barrios (villages) that make up the whole. These are separated over a good size area, leaving the area uncrowded.

How is the diving in Anda, Bohol?

The reef runs just offshore, and a few of the dive sites can be explored from shore although most dives are boat dives.The dive sites in Anda are suitable for beginners to advanced divers and anything in between.

Often novice divers and experienced divers can dive at the same location and have totally different dives. The reef run from near the surface to about 20 meters depth. They then drop off to as deep as 35 meters sloping away to deeper waters at some sites.

The top of the reefs have large coral gardens with many species of marine life like:

  • Turtles
  • Sharks
  • BarracudaSquid
  • Nudibranch
  • Octopi
  • Different species of Rays

People say there is a small family of whale sharks that stay year round, sometimes disappearing into the deeper offshore waters but returning before long.

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