Making plans to go diving the Gili Islands in Indonesia? In this article we explain why you should include Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air in your Indonesia scuba trip

Indonesia is part of the “Coral Triangle” and well known for its superb diving and pristine coral reefs. Bali is famous since long time among divers, and only a few people head to Bali’s enchanting neighboring islands: Lombok and its three Gili Islands (Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air).

The Gili Islands as seen from above

Lombok offers a contrast program for divers and nature lovers. Some of the islands are still pristine and are waiting for you to get explored.
The dive sites around Lombok’s three small Gili Islands on the Northwest coast are popular with scuba divers from all over the globe.

The coral reefs around Sekotong with the “Secret Gilis” in the Southwest remained unspoiled and are offering a beauty that can keep up with Indonesia’s gems for diving. Lombok’s west coast is hiding some dive sites where muck diving is the agenda.

Here are 5 reasons you should dive to the Gili Islands islands as soon as you can

  1. Variety of Dive sites – from big stuff to macro
  2. Dive conditions – Take it easy
  3. Location of the dive sites – Diver’s Heaven
  4. All diving levels welcome – From beginners to dive pros
  5. Explore besides Diving – Lombok’s Adventures and Gili’s Charm

A variety of dive sites – From Big Stuff to Macro Paradise:

The Gili islands offer more than 20 different dive sites where each has its special touch and star attractions. Head to Shark and Manta Point to spot reef sharks, explore the hidden corners of Bounty Wreck and observe turtles and groups of Humphead Parrotfishes on Coral Fan Garden.

Dive the Southwest of Lombok, in Sekotong and the Southern Gilis, to take marvelous pictures of some endemic species of nudibranchs and pigmea seahorses.

Or take a glimpse of the shy bamboo shark and blue-ringed octopus.
Try muck diving in Secret Bay on the Westcoast of Lombok. Funny critters and frogfishes are awaiting you.

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Healthy coral gardens all over in Sekotong

Dive conditions – Take it Easy:

Looking for a smooth and easy dive? The Gili islands and Sekotong Lombok have water temperatures of 27-29 degree Celsius all year around. A 3mm shorty is totally enough to dive around.

The large visibility of up to 30 and more meters can be shocking as you might be bewildered by what’s going on around you. On some days expect some current, especially around December and January. Just lay back and enjoy your favorite underwater TV show.

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Location of the dive sites – Diver’s Heaven:

The dive sites around the Gili Islands lie all around a short boat drive distance of 5-10 minutes. Expect to see the beautiful reefs and marine life in the shallow waters until 30 meters and while snorkeling. Between the dives, you can eat at one of the nearby cafes or restaurants. Some of them offer special meals for divers and serve in quick time so you won’t miss your next dive.

Once you have reached Sekotong area (around one hour by boat from Senggigi and the Gili islands), all dive sites are packed around the triangle of Gili Nanggu, Gili Gede and Sekotong.
Lunch or a snack will be usually served on the boat or one of the secluded islands. Secret Bay in Lombok lays just of shore and can be done in two-morning dives.

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All diving levels welcome – From Beginners to Dive Pros:

It doesn’t matter if you are new to diving or have already plenty of dives under your weight belt. Due to its variety of dive sites every diver finds its spot. The easy access, smooth conditions, warm waters and huge visibility make diving around the Gili islands and in Lombok perfect for beginners and families with scuba diving kids.

Your children will be thrilled by the plenty of turtles you can expect to see during your dives. But also dive pros will be rewarded with rare species and some more challenging dive sites.

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Turtles can often be see on every dive

Paradise beside diving – Lombok’ Adventures and Gili’s charm:

Climb the second highest volcano of Indonesia with the Rinjani mountain (3726 m) and explore its stunning waterfalls around the slopes. Surf the best waves far and wide in Kuta Lombok and get to know the Sasak culture in the traditional weaving and pottery villages.

The charm of the Gili islands with their turquoise blue waters and white sandy beaches is irresistible. Settle down in one of the plenty bungalows and beach restaurants and enjoy the tropical island feeling.

Fast Facts Gili Islands Lombok:

  • Where: Indonesia – Lombok – Three small islands on the Northwest coast
  • Dive Sites: More than 20, walls and slopes
  • Diving Season: All year long
  • Diving Level: Beginners to Pros
  • Coral Reef: medium on some parts, good on others dive site

Fast Facts Sekotong Lombok:

  • Where: Indonesia – Lombok – Southwest coast – “Secret Gilis.”
  • Dive sites: More than 16, walls and slopes
  • Diving Season: March to November
  • Diving level: Open Water or equivalent to Pros (no courses, only certified divers)
  • Coral Reef: Untouched with 98% intact

Fast Facts Secret Bay Lombok

  • Where: Indonesia – Lombok – West Coast
  • Dive sites: 2, Muck diving
  • Diving Season: March to November
  • Diving level: Advanced Open Water or equivalent to Pros (good buoyancy mandatory)
  • Coral Reef: Macro muck sea life

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