It happens to the best of us, a foggy scuba mask. We asked scuba divers all over the world if they had tips how to with a foggy scuba mask.

The tips and trick mentioned below are all from real scuba divers who share their experiences via one of the scuba communities we curate on Facebook.

Shit happens

Photo Credit: D.Clow – Maryland

Read on and learn more how to prevent and fix a foggy scuba mask.

David Botha says:

When they say there is nothing you can do about it underwater they are wrong. Besides flooding to clear the mask, it is possible to spit in your mask while underwater. I thought of it myself, tried it and it works.

  • Step 1: Remove mask
  • Step2: Hold the mask above your reg and exhale to fill the mask with air(hold mask with lenses facing upwards of course)
  • Step 3: Take out your reg and place your lips in the air bubble inside the mask, spit into the mask, replace reg.
  • Step 4: Wipe the spit around in the mask, “rinse” it, replace and clear.

My mask does not often fog underwater, but sooner or later it happens to us all and I find it irritating to keep flooding it all the time.

Jeannine Baughman Hassoldt says:

I dive mostly fresh water so on a bad day of fogging I leave a tiny bit of water in my mask and tilt my head down every few minutes to let it wash over the inside of the mask. It works in a pinch

Ali El-Demerdash says:

Well, new masks are the most luckily to be fogged. The best solution is to burn the glass from inside using a lighter and then use some baby shampoo to rub the glass.
Before you dive, wash it with clean water and go right down without having to worry you mask will fog.

Thomas West says:

You can do something temporary to stop the fogging of the goggles while submerged.
While underwater you can let water come into the mask then tilt your head up and blow water through your nose which will allow the water to escape. When the water escapes the mask becomes clear. It’s only temporary though but it’s effective.

Shari Anderson says:

A foggy mask can’t ruin a dive. Just do a flood and clear and get on your way.

Joyce ‘JJ’ Walker Wiebbecke says:

Meanwhile, topside, one of the best things we have found over the years to apply to the mask … is … Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. It’s a great defog, it’s cheap and it won’t sting your eyes!

Roel Jungslager says:

When I forget to spit I lick the lenses underwater.

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