As avid scuba divers we all have heard of the current Lionfish invasion. On our blog and via our Facebook pages we try to raise awareness and share our knowledge about the problem. We often bump into people who think we are ruthless killers and we should not kill any Lionfish

The infographic below gives all the information needed in order to understand why we as divers should act and take our responsibility. Divers and fisherman are the only natural predators the Lionfish has in the territory it has invaded.
The Lionfish feeds on juvenile reef fish and ff we would do nothing to stop the invasion the reefs as we know it will be destroyed in the next decade.

This infographic is made in 2008. By that time Lionfish where not yet spotted in the Florida Keys but they are there now.

Please share the knowledge and information available in order to create awareness and safe our reefs for future generations.

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