You’ve probably heard of beach cleanups, but did you know that divers can also set up their underwater cleanup event to collect debris that has made it way into the water?

Like beach cleanups, this is an important step in maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of the water, as well as the safety of the animals that call it home.

So how can you go about organizing an underwater cleanup? Continue reading for a few tips to get started.

Help the oceans, organize an underwater clean up

Pick Your Cleanup Site

The first step in planning an underwater cleanup is locating the appropriate dive site. Some sites are in better shape than others, so you may want to focus on dive sites in the area that are in dire need of cleanup.

A good spot would also be one that a lot of scuba divers can easily access, as well as one that they regularly dive.
Whether it is a local reef, a local beach or a body of water that many people use or pass by consistently.

If you choose a cleanup site that is close to areas where people live, work, and play, you will probably find that more people realize the need for the cleanup.

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