As you know reviews have found their way in to our daily lives. Many people make a decision based on reviews before they make a purchase

The reviews from fellow divers on Bookyourdive are our “Holly Cows” and we have created a system to keep our site as clean as possible from fake and false reviews. Read on how we try to keep fake and false reviews out.

Reviews on our site

Our review policy is simple and straight forward

  • Anybody can add a review to Bookyourdive
  • Reviews are published manually after they have been screened by a staff member of Bookyourdive
  • We check the IP address from where the review is submitted
  • When 3 or more reviews are added from 1 IP address within 24 hrs we do not publish the reviews before we have contacted the operator
  • Negative reviews will not be published before we have verified that the person who wrote the review actually has dived with the specific operator

Would you have tips or suggestions on how we can make our system even better? Please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are making in effort to create transparency and to make it easy for divers to make a safe choice where and with who to go diving.

I look forward to hear from you soon.

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