There are a whole host of scuba diving gadgets and accessories that can be purchased nowadays.

These range from the functional items such as dive slates to items such as underwater scooters which whilst they are technically functional are also a lot of fun too!

Here we take a look at some of the must have scuba diving gadgets available and why we think they are such good items to have.

Writing Underwater

As a scuba diver you already know that it’s near to impossible to speak underwater and sometimes the underwater signals just aren’t enough to help you get your point across.

This is where dive slates can come in handy. They come with a water resistant crayon which enables you to write messages to show to your dive buddy.

There are two different types of slates available; those that are wrist mounted and those that attach to your BCD. Both are affordable to purchase and are definitely must have items for the avid scuba diver.

Clips and Fastenings

Carabiners and fastenings are both great accessories that are worth purchasing. These enable you to easily attach things like torches and digital cameras to your BCD so that they remain with your person and are easy to grab hold of when you need to.

Literally anything can be attached to you with these accessories including navigational charts, underwater fish id boards and even dive slates; they have so many uses making them a must have item.

Underwater Scooters

Okay so underwater scooters aren’t as affordable as any of the items listed above but they are so worth the price! Usually referred to as Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPVs) they are not only lots of fun to use but they can be practical too; for example if you are exploring a large reef or a wreck that you don’t have the necessary air to explore by swimming in one dive.

There are two basic types of DPVs: those you hold onto whilst they tow you along and those that you sit astride. Whilst these are super cool scuba diving gadgets it is advisable to take a course that specifically teaches you how to use them as ensuring that they do not ascend or descend too quickly can be quite hard for a novice.

Driver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV)

Attracting Attention

Next to being able to talk to your buddy underwater is the ease of attracting attention. Some divers will bang a weight against their tank but this isn’t always possible and so scuba diving gadgets that have this purpose are worth buying.

Tang pingers are one good option – they simply attach to your scuba tank so that you can bang it in the same way as you would with a dive weight.

Other options include rattles which can clearly be heard underwater and buzzers which can be placed onto a BCD; these use a small amount of compressed air to make a sound. Again most of these are all very affordable and great items to purchase.

What are your favorite scuba gadgets? Lets us know in the comments below

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