Although surfing has a defined music culture, divers are no less passionate about their music. A while ago a question was asked on Scubaboard

If you were to make an ultimate “dive mix” of songs that to you embody diving and the diving culture, what would be some of the artists, albums and specific songs you would add? The kind of stuff you and your buddy would play to pump yourselves up, or put yourself in the mood as you drive to your favorite dive site or to meet your charter for a sweet dive.

As you might expect, Jimmy Buffet and Jack Johnson are hands down favorites. But although there are some definite themes and genres that are popular, it’s a farther ranging list that you might think, going way beyond the obvious nautical theme. Check out this compilation of the top songs and see if you find something to add to your playlist!

Crowd Favorites

  1. Jimmy Buffet (A Pirate looks at 40, Banana Republics, Boat Drinks, Cowboy in the Jungle, False Echoes, Fins, First
  2. Look, In Another Time, Son of a Son of a Sailor)
  3. Jack Johnson (The Horizon Has Been Defeated, Taylor)
  4. Enya (Oronoco Flow, Boadicea, Caribbean Blue)
  5. Crosby, Stills and Nash (Southern Cross)
  6. Buddy Guy (Mustang Sally, Feels like Rain)
  7. Bob Marley (Three Little Birds)
  8. Van Halen (Light Up the Sky, Diver Down)
  9. The Allman Bros (Southbound, Stormy Monday)
  10. Stan Rodgers (The Mary Ellen Carter, The Wreck of the Athens Queen)
  11. Beach Boys (Kokomo, Sloop John B.)
  12. The Barefoot Man, (Too many to list! See this album to start, “The Best of Scuba Do”)

Eclectic Choices

A good sized minority prefers deep-blue instrumental music, techno or even opera for their diving pleasure. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

  1. George Winston piano solos
  2. Handle (Water Music)
  3. Telepopmusik (Breathe)
  4. (Magnum Mysterium) Arranged by David N. Childs
  5. Sven Väth (L’Esperanza)
  6. ATB (Underwater World)
  7. Brian Eno (Deep Blue Day)
  8. Moby (God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters)

Waterproof Music Players

Traditionally, electronics and water don’t mix, but there are now several options available for listening in a wet environment or underwater. If you already use iTunes to manage your music library, you can get a waterproof iPod from Underwater Audio. The iPod is waterproofed from the inside out and is rated to 200’ feet – but save it for the surface – the seal created by waterproof headphones can do serious damage to your ear canals when you go below 10 feet.

A second option is to get a waterproof bag or case to protect your music player. This is less expensive, and they work fine – as long as you seal it properly each time you use it.

What is your favorite piece of scuba music?
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