Australia is a very popular destination if you are planning a scuba trip that will truly be unforgettable. A lot is known about the great diving in the more north eastern parts of Australia, in places such as Sydney and Brisbane, but there is a world to explore in southern Australia as well.

Southern Australia is where the city of Melbourne is located, as well as some of the best spots to go diving in the world if you are looking to participate in world class scuba travel.

The Apostles found on the coast 2 hrs from Melbourne

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Wreck Diving in Southern Australia

If you are wondering where to dive in Melbourne, you won’t have to think too hard because there are many great locations for you when you are planning a scuba trip. Your first stop should be the wreck of the SS Ozone, especially if you are new to scuba diving and scuba travel.

Well known as an easy off shore dive suitable for novice scuba divers and experts alike, the SS Ozone is located about 50 meters offshore and is a short walk from the Indented Head beach.

The ship was built in 1886 and was primarily used as an excursion boat. However, due to becoming obsolete, she retired in 1918 and sunk in 1925 at Indented Head. Today, if you plan to go scuba diving the wreck, you will be able to see remains of the paddle wheels and the twisted metal of the hull and boilers.

If you are a bit more experienced underwater and the SS Ozone doesn’t appeal, don’t worry as there are over 800 wrecks to explore just off the coast of Southern Australia many of which were sunk between the early 1860s and 1910.

A variety of unique marine life populates the wrecks and if you thought the contrasts on land in Southern Australia were great you will absolutely love the diversity under the water. In fact the dive sites here are said to be the most biologically diverse in the whole world!

Shark Diving in Southern Australia

Of course, if shipwrecks aren’t what you are looking for when you are planning a scuba trip, south Australia still has quite a lot to offer for scuba travel. In fact, you can have a great scuba trip by going on a shark diving scuba expedition. South West Rocks has many grey nurse sharks and wobbygong sharks for you to dive with in a location that is considered to be among the top ten scuba sites in Australia.

Wobbegong Shark

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These scuba diving trips aren’t just about great white sharks. You will also have the opportunity to see a wide variety of aquatic life such as fur seals, dolphins and if you are lucky, the rare and beautiful Australian sea lion.

If you are traveling to Australia for a great scuba diving adventure, then you would be missing out if you did not have the chance to go scuba diving in a shark cage.

However, if that seems a bit too scary and difficult for you, then you can always book a scuba dive in an aquarium shark tank in order to see these amazing creatures up close. Your scuba diving adventure in southern Australia is something you will never forget.

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