Sharks have been roaming our oceans for millions of years. But will they still roam our oceans in 50 years from now?
Fisherman have been harvesting sharks like it was corn from a field whiteout any reluctance. Now we came to a point that many sharks species are endangered and on the brink of extinction.

Sharks are our friends

Luckily governments all over the word are waking up and bills are being passed to save sharks from extinction. Now we need to educate younger generations that sharks are not brutal men eaters and that a living shark is worth much more than a dead shark.

Many people still believe that sharks are a threat to humans, but they forget that vending machines kill more people every year in the US. We humans are a threat to sharks though and if we keep killing them we will take down a whole eco system which we so much rely on.

Please share and help preserve sharks for future generations.

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