With the advent of the internet, suddenly marketing was able to take a new turn. More of an audience could be reached by use of online marketing, and businesses were able to have more creative control over their marketing strategies. When social networks began to gain popularity, even more possibilities became available for businesses to reach their consumers. And these days, if you aren’t using social media, you may be missing out on viable opportunities to reach new customers. Let’s take a look at why social media is so important.

Building Relationships

People like businesses where they feel like they are personally connected. For example, when you call a business with a question or to resolve an issue, how do you feel about the business based on whether you get a real person on the line as opposed to an automated system? While it is easy to automate social media if you wish, moderating your interaction with people through social networks gives people the impression that you are interested in your customers’ input and make yourself available to them, even when you cannot do so in person.

Establishing Trust

Social networks are comprised of people who are socially connected in one way or another. Family members, friends, co-workers, and even people who may not personally know each other, but have similar interests use social networks to get information, opinions, and ideas from people they trust. By encouraging interaction with people via social networks, you begin to build a community of followers who will gladly refer a friend to your business, and perhaps engage in your promotion. Because you have established a relationship with your followers, they are more inclined to promote you to others.

Constant Exposure Trough Social Media

Through social networking, your business is always on display, as opposed to traditional marketing methods that require renewal and generate higher advertising costs. With the use of a social network, anyone can find you, any time of day they choose. If a customer has a question or a problem, they can feel confident in contacting you through your social network, rather than wonder if anyone will pick up the phone or answer their email. When you have specials or updates, you can post them immediately for all to see. Using photos and videos is a great way to draw traffic to your site, and ensure that people will want to share your business with others.

Social networks provide a free and timely way to interact with your customers, and create an available resource for anyone who wants to know more. Make the most of your business potential by tapping into the abundant resources of a social network!

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