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Scuba diving Santa Maria Island at the Azores day and night, in sandy, rocky or mixed seabed’s, in caves or shipwrecks. The scuba diving potential of the Azores is almost endless in terms of dive sites and types of diving.

Santa Maria in the Azores offers adequate scuba dive spots for various experience levels, from beginners to professionals, and the adventure may start with simple snorkeling in order to leisurely enjoy the abundant marine life of the archipelago’s crystal clear waters.

Rules of engagement

  • Raffle starts 26th of March starts and ends 7th of April 2014
  • We will pick a winner on the 8th of April 2014
  • The price can be transferred to a friend or family
  • The discount will be deducted from the final booking
  • Travel dates: 15 April till 15/June 2014 /2015 and from 01/October till 31/October 2014 /2015

How does it work?

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