Times are changing and you’ll have to change with it. At least a bit. You’ll have to know what is going on out there. In this first post I’ll give you some simple tips and quick wins on using social media for your dive center.

When you use social media you are doing online marketing. It is a way to interact with potential clients all over the world. It is also a perfect way to stay in touch with your existing customers.

We al know about social media tools like:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Flickr

But what to do with it? That is not why you got into diving

Probably most of your (potential) customers are living in a concrete jungle

The chances are that you are based in one of those beautiful places on earth. Surrounded by a blue ocean, beaches, nature and most important you’ll get to scuba dive as much as you want. So the excuse I have nothing to share is non existing.

Social Media: Which channels should u use

Create a Twitter account. Sign up here, upload  your logo and write a short bio. Easy does it. Try to post 2 to 3 tweets a day about what you have seen on a dive. Tweet some pictures from the open water course that you are doing? This is the kind of information your potential customers would like to see.

There are multiple tools to make your social media life a lot easier. I prefer to use buffer With this tool you can schedule updates for twitter and Facebook. When you would use a tool like this you will be running your social media even when you are bussy with your scuba business.

Using Social Media: Facebook

You’ll have to know that Facebook doesn’t allow your scuba business to have a personal profile. A personal profile is there for humans. How do I know if my scuba business is on a personal profile?

Use social media effective

If people are not able to “LIKE” your page and only become a friend you are on the wrong side of the road. But there is light at the end of the social media tunnel. Facebook now allows you to convert you personal profile into a business page. Before you convert your page I recommend that you make a copy of your profile.

Stay in touch

Invite all your customers who use social media to “LIKE” your Facebook page. Give them an update now and then on what is going on in your dive center. Chances are that they will sitting behind a desk when the see your updates about: scuba diving, white beaches, and people having fun. Using social media like this could help you grow you business.

Use the content you create every day

Offer your customers the opportunity to upload the video and photos they have made to your facebook page. I do not know 1 videographer or photographer who would say now. All these will help you to engage with potential customers world wide and help you to maintain your regular guests.

We wanted to give you our point of view on how you could use social media. It is not rocket science but it will only work for you if you put continuos time and effort in it.

Need some help with your social media marketing?

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