News and the media in general love to report animal attacks. A small wound caused by an exploratory bite from a shark is blown up into international news every time.

Even where the only wound is on a surf board we hear about it across the world. There are a lot of great articles out there with theories on why people fear sharks. Is it the media? Or does the media feed off a natural fear? Most likely it’s a cycle that feed each other.

Sharks do NOT eat people

Photo Credit: WIlly Volk

What it tells us for sure, though, is that they are rare. Shark “attacks” are extremely rare and one sign of this is by the fact that the media covers them so in depth. There are simply too many vehicle collisions to report every time someone has a minor injury. Every time you read a news article about a shark bite victim, please do not let it scare you.

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Remember: sharks are extremely scared of humans.

They almost always swim away as soon as we enter the water. The only way to see them up close is to chum them in with a lot of bait. Even then it can be a challenge to find them and keep them around.The media is going to keep reporting every bite, but I urge you to keep your head and realize it is extremely rare and you need not be scared.

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