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manta ray sodwana bay

Manta Rays, Where in the World Should You go, to Dive With Them?

There is something about watching a manta ray swoop and dive in the water that can make you forget where you are. Showing more grace than any bird in the sky they manage to...
lower air consumption

Learn How to Lower Your Air Consumption With This Simple Trick

New divers are generally the first ones to the surface during a dive. The excitement and the rush cause them to breath more rapidly and, therefore, consume air more rapidly. Lowering your air consumption will...

How to Scuba Dive – Scuba Diving 101

Scuba diving is an increasingly popular sport, as people seek out more and more faraway destinations for their holidays.  There are some fantastic locations to go to if you enjoy scuba diving, including diving...
scuba diver phillpines

Here is How You Should use Your Weights for Perfect Buoyancy

When you started your Open Water Diver (OWD) training or when you start, you were introduced to the weight belt. This simple but critical item does not get much attention in your training. You learn...

5 Things More Likely to Kill You than a Shark Attack

When you're scuba diving, there are some kinds of shark that you like to see around, like the black tip reef shark. Humans have a natural fear of these predators, and this is probably...

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