The Bahamas are scattered with scuba dive sites but in this post we share our take on the best.

The Bahamas are a popular island chain in the Atlantic Ocean, located to the southeast of the United States. Tourists from all over the world visit in order to enjoy the tropical weather, clear warm water, and friendly locals.

But those who prefer spending their time below the surface of the water also love the Bahamas for their myriad scuba dive sites that offer something for every scuba diver.

Are you hoping to plan a new scuba diving trip that will allow you explore sunken wrecks and coral reefs? Then continue reading for a list of five of the best scuba dive sites that are found throughout the Bahamas.

Where to find the best Dive Sites in the Bahamas?

Scuba Dive Sites in the Bahamas

Map of Scuba Dive Sites in the Bahamas. Photo Credit: Stuart Coves Dive Bahamas

Shark Rodeo

Shark Rodeo is a dive site located off of Walker’s Cay, which is the northernmost island in the Bahamas island chain. It is famous for the high [number of sharks that come through the area to feed.

The sandy bottom that features gorgeous coral reefs provides a safe place for divers to observe as food is dropped into the water for the sharks to feast upon. Expect to see more than 100 sharks and experience something you’ll never forget.

The site reaches about 11 meters in depth, and it’s best for experienced divers. Access the site by boat. Many scuba divers rate this site and one of the best Scuba Dive Sites in the Bahamas.

The Towers

The Towers is a site in the Abacos that features massive coral pinnacles that can reach up to 18 meters in height. They’re covered in a variety of hard and soft corals, and they’re surrounded by large schools of beautiful fish, as well as filled with the tiniest creatures.

Turtles and rays can also be spotted there. Tunnels and caverns are found throughout, making it the perfect site for divers who are looking for something a little different from your typical reef dive.

The site is easy to access by boat, and it’s appropriate for all divers. Depths range from 17 meters to 23 meters.

Shark on Bahama Scuba Dive Site. Photo Credit: Willy Volk

Lost Blue Hole

Located in Nassau, Lost Blue Hole is a great dive site for divers of all experience levels. Access it easily by boat. Depths range from 14 meters to 31 meters. You’ll find a gorgeous reef, a beautiful wall, and plenty of marine species, making it perfect for underwater photographers.

Schools of fish, as well as stingrays and a variety of corals, thrive at this unique dive spot. The rim of the hole is home to myriad species as well, including an array of tiny fish, such as tobacco fish, gobies, and jawfish.

Blacknose sharks (classified as Near Threatened (NT) on the IUCN Red List can be seen cruising the bottom of the hole during the late spring and early summer, while a couple of nurse sharks are usually seen throughout the year.

Because of the accessibility and the number of different marine species found at this site we declared Lost Blue Hole as one of the best scuba dive sites in the Bahamas.

Jeep Reef

If you’re looking for a superbly attractive reef, you don’t want to miss Jeep Reef, located in the central part of the Exumas Land and Sea Park.

An abundant array of various fish species call this area home, as do a variety of hard and soft corals that are fed by the strong currents that sweep through the area.

Be sure to dive here only when the currents are calm. The maximum depth is around 11 meters, so divers of all levels can enjoy it. You definitely want to look for the jeep that’s now covered in colorful corals.


Cathedral is an area within Dog Rocks Reef in the Exumas. The incredible reef can be found starting at 11 meters, but you can follow it to 15 meters before it drops deeply into the Exuma Sound. This spectacular swim-through features sunlight that streams down into it from above.

Silversides, groupers, and jacks can be found throughout it. Explore the variety of corals along the wall, and look for rays, sharks, and other colorful fish as well. The site is great for all divers and can be accessed by boat.

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