Scuba diving Dahab is famous for its Blue hole and because it is the perfect place for a relaxed and laid back dive vacation in the Red Sea

The Red Sea is said to be one of the most beautiful diving spots in the world and diving in this area should not be missed by anybody who’s into diving. It is also a great place to go if you want to be introduced to scuba diving, with so many different diving schools being able to offer you short courses towards your Open Water certification.

Dive Dahab and find healthy Coral Reefs

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Diving Dahab

Dahab is a well known  location for diving in the Red sea . Dahab is still reasonably untouched by the influx of tourists.  There are no buildings over two stories high, and there are no big brand tourist resorts yet either.  It still has an authentic Bedouin feel to it and is just an ideal place to go if you want to enjoy the culture of a country, without the chance of bumping into your next door neighbor.

Dahab means gold in Arabic.  The cliffs and sand dunes that surround Dahab are of a golden color, from which it has derived its name.  The beaches are breath taking, the water is crystal clear and it just presents a picture that would have a good place on a postcard.

Dahab  is well known for its amazing diving opportunities.  Of course, the marine life the Red Sea is so famous for is available in abundance in Dahab, but it is also incredibly versatile.  It is a great place for beginner divers and more advanced divers alike.

 Dive Dahab’s Best Diving Sites

If you have some time on your hands, you can go around the whole Dahab area and find some fascinating areas.  Just north of Dahab, for example, you can find a hole, surrounded by sapphire reef. This is known as the Blue Hole and is classified as one of the most dangerous dives in the world. This dive site is also know as the scuba divers cemetery.

It is that the Blue Hole is deep and it has been known for divers to be so engrossed in what is around them that they have gone deeper and deeper, never to return.  It certainly a more advanced dive.

Another great dive in Dahab is the Eel Garden. It gets its name from the marine life that is most abundant here: the eels.  However, you are also likely to encounter Barracudas.  Please do remember that there are predatory fish and should be approached with caution and never to be touched.

You could also choose to dive the Islands near Dahab, which have been officially recognized as some of the best diving sites in the world.  There are three underwater islands made from coral. 

If you do like coral, Abu Helal is another place to go.  Desert Divers Bay is the place to go for seahorses and you may even be lucky enough to spot the incredibly rare ghost pipefish.

Macro live like Seahorses can be found when diving Dahab

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The list of great dive sites near Dahab goes on and one, including:

  • The caves
  • The lighthouse
  • Om Sid
  • Tia Maria
  • Three pools
  • Rick’s Reef
  • The Southern Oasis
  • The Golden Blocks
Relax and dive in Dahab

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Other Things to Do in and around Dahab

Dahab has more to offer than just diving.  Dahab offers a variety of opportunities for water sports of course, including snorkeling, fishing and water skiing.  You could also go for a trek in the desert on horse or camelback. 

One of the main attractions is the Coloured and White Canyon, where you will find an oasis right out of a fairy tale. As you can see, if you are thinking of diving Dahab there are many options for an epic scuba trip. You can even swim with dolphins and climb Mount Sanai in between your dives!

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