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Get you mates into scuba diving

As scuba divers, we all know how cool scuba diving is. There are loads of reasons why this is the case, yet when I try and convince a friend or family member to join me in my hobby-obsession I fail horribly.

As a result i have compiled the definitive top 10 things to say to people to get them to go scuba diving. I strongly advise you print this out, laminate it and carry it at all times.  It can then simply be handed over to prospective divers mid conversation to save the ensuing boredom of you having to repeat your case.

1. When scuba diving you get to see stuff underwater

I appreciate this sounds obvious, yet it seems every time I tell people I scuba dive they ask me, “Why would you want to do that?“It seems fundamental that you get to see stuff, but non scuba divers seem unable to grasp the concept and often see us as thrill seekers, adrenaline junkies and that scuba is an extreme sport.

So be sure and big up how cool it is to see underwater life in their environment, just swimming alongside them. Ever been on a safari? – well, imagine that but not having to stay inside the vehicle.

Loads of people enjoy museums so what about scuba diving on a wreck then? That is where thousands of artefacts come from, and as a scuba diver you get to see them undisturbed they way they fell maybe 100’s of years ago. Just you, the soothing sound of your breathing and your imagination. It’s a powerful combination.

2. Health & fitness

I appreciate that the regular diver can be of a fuller disposition, but ultimately scuba does no harm to your fitness level. Lugging around lead weights and twinsets will certainly improve your muscles I can tell you that.

Early in my diving I also became aware of the condition, “scuba fit.” My instructor was a practitioner of the fuller shape, yet once this man was in the water he was a machine. If you dive regularly your leg muscles will respond accordingly and cardio will follow.

scuba diving health

3. Be social, be happy a Happy Scuba Diver!

Scuba is a social hobby as much as a sport. There are loads of dive clubs in every area, even if then sea is miles away. It’s a perfect excuse once a week, once a month or whatever to get out of the house, go diving and meet new people. Divers are a friendly bunch as there aren’t that many of us; I’ve always find other divers chatty and friendly.

You don’t even have to be in a club, I’m not, but there are always plenty of semi naked divers around the shorelines happy to have a chat about the huge shark you didn’t see on your dive.

Don’t forget, after every dive you must have a dive debrief….. in the pub.

4. You get to buy lots of cool scuba stuff

I have noticed that those attracted to diving tend to have a fondness for gadgets and stuff. If you have a friend or family member that has the best iPhone, TV, netbooks etc then simply show them a catalogue of tech diving equipment and leave them to it. They will be in doubles by the end of the week, I guarantee it.

5. Scuba diving reduces stress

We live in a time where words like depression, anxiety, suicide and Prozac are all too common. It is a sad state of affairs but don’t worry because scuba is the cure. Perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration, but it does have merit. Personally I find diving very relaxing. It provides a soothing atmosphere, closeness to nature and an absence of the everyday nonsense that causes stress. I’m not sure you can get a prescription for it, but it’s always worth a try.

“Yes doctor – I need prescribed a week on a live aboard in Egypt. Thank you.”

6. Chicks Dig Scuba Divers

I suggest this only be used to get men into diving.

Being a diver isn’t your average hobby, so when you explain to a hot chick in the local pub that you take your life in your hands and explore new depths of the ocean, you should be impressed by the response. They will be in awe of your fearless attitude to life and need for new challenges.

The reality of course is that you dove the local quarry to 15m like you do every Saturday morning, and then went to the pub for a pie. You could say diving grants a poetic license.

7. Scuba Dive Holidays

When wife-buddy and I first became qualified divers, Kerri explained that, “not all our holidays are going to be diving holidays you know?” Since qualifying all our holidays have been diving holidays. Diving makes you look at things in a different light, and will lead to you to visit places or countries you previously would never have considered.

It’s a disgrace that I had never explored the beautiful west coast of my homeland until I started diving. I bet there are some fantastic scenic dive sites not far from everyone’s home.

Escape the concrete jungle

8. Learn A New Skill

Scuba diving is a continual learning process. You must learn to dive in the first place in order to get certified, but after the curve continues. I found I thoroughly enjoyed learning a new skill set and have undertaken more training since my basic qualification.

I hated school because  I was forced to learn, now,  as it is on my own terms, I have found it very rewarding and I’m actually quite good at it, … well, … apart from decompression calculations, but that’s why we have computers right?

9. Save The World

We all have a friend who doesn’t eat meat, I even know some who won’t eat anything from anything that was once alive, or something like that. These environmentally engaged folks are an easy target to get into diving. There are numerous ways to benefit the environment when scuba diving. You can check the local aquatic life over a period of time if you dive the same site regularly.

There are many online projects that would be grateful of such data and know what species of life may be under threat for one reason or another. PADI offers a Project Aware speciality along with many other similar agencies.

Scuba diving is about environmental awareness. Cleaning up a beach Lough, river, or lake is a much easier task if you are a diver. Kerri and I have done our bit collecting tins, bags, plastic, old fishing  line, hooks and even beer bottles from our frequented dive sites. It’s disgusting what gets thrown into our seas and it feels good to help even just a little in cleaning it up.

10. Drown A Friend (almost)

If you need to resort to something more extreme to manufacture a new dive buddy then this is a tried and tested method. Basically grab a friend unawares and hold their head in a bucket of water. At the point of drowning pull them out, pop a regulator in their mouth and hold them under again.

That regulator will now become their favourite thing ever. Leave them a few minutes then release and explain just how useful being able to breathe underwater really is. They will now have a new love of scuba regulators and become an avid diver immediately.

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