There is a tremendous amount of difficulty in trying to decide which dive destinations are “best.” The word is so relative, and it can mean different things to different people. The places listed here truly deserve the spotlight, however, and it cannot be denied that they rank high on the list of top scuba dive destinations. This article places them in the top tier based what they have to offer in the way of interesting marine life diversity, photographic opportunities, and variety of dive sites. These locations surely would not fail to satisfy any scuba diver so lucky to be vacationing there!

Dive – Wakatobi


Wakatobi is one of the many beautiful archipelagos found dotted around this planet, and it takes its name from the first two letters of the four main islands of which it is comprised: Wangiwangi, Kaledupa, Tomea, and Binongko. Along with other islands, it is part of a larger group called the Tukangbesi Islands, located in South East Sulawesi, a province of Indonesia.

With year-round mild tropical weather and water temperatures averaging 80 degrees Fahrenheit, Wakatobi presents a wealth of scuba diving opportunities teeming with thousands of species of aquatic creatures.

Wakatobi boasts some of the healthiest reef systems you can see in the world. The dive resorts and operations located in Wakatobi offer a total of about 50 dive sites appropriate for all levels of scuba divers. The diving season stretches from March to December, and you’ll find competent dive operators and liveaboards ready to take you on an extraordinary journey.

Dive Palau


Located to the northeast of Wakatobi in the Pacific ocean is the island nation of Palau. Also an archipelago, the weather and water temperature of Palau is quite similar to that of Wakatobi. The collection of islands supports several protected areas, and a large wildlife preserve called Seventy Islands, which has been protected by law since 1956 to preserve the endemic species of the area.

A stunning sundry of dive sites suited for beginners through advanced  scuba divers awaits in Palau, including the infamous Jellyfish Lake. This lake is the most famous of the 70 marine lakes found here because of its astounding jellyfish population. There is no SCUBA diving permitted in this lake, as the water column becomes anoxic at approximately 15 meters below the surface.

Dive The Maldives


Hardly a scuba diver has never heard of the Maldives, or fawned over pictures of the area’s tranquil beauty. Found in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are comprised of 26 atolls located off the southern tip of India. Ranging in temperature from 74 to 92 degrees Fahrenheit, the region primarily experiences two seasons: dry and rainy. Here coral reefs reign supreme; nearly 200 species of coral exist here, and they support more than 300 species of fish.

In 1998, two-thirds of the coral reef population was destroyed by the warming trend of an El Nino weather pattern, resulting in mass coral bleaching. Since then, scientists have implemented artificial reef structures that are electrified, a technology that encourages coral growth at a faster rate than nature can produce on its own, which has been met with great success in rebuilding the reef ecosystem.

The Maldives contain an abundance of diving options where you can see everything from the smallest creatures to [large pelagic species. Some of the best liveaboards can be found in the Maldives.

Everyone has their own favorites, of course. Tell us your top SCUBA dive destinations!

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