Here are some SCUBA dives you can’t miss! The Red Sea, the Yucatan Peninsula and its cenotes and of course the great lakes.

The term “bucket list” has become ever so ubiquitous due to the popularity of a 1998 film entitled The Bucket List, featuring two terminally ill men who embark upon a quest to fulfill a list of life dreams before they “kick the bucket.” The film sparked an entire culture of [“bucket listers,”] people who embraced the idea of living your life every day as if it were the last.

SCUBA is no exception to this line of thinking, and while the locations may be different, the goals of scuba divers are all the same: see the best there is to see. Here are 3 scuba dive destinations that should not be missed. They are chosen based on the diversity of one location to the next.

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Scuba dive The Red Sea

The Red Sea is one of the most notable scuba dive locations on the entire planet due to the stark contrast of desert terrain commingling with the rich biodiversity of the reefs found in this area.

The Red Sea is situated between Africa and Asia, and features wreck diving in addition to over 200 species of coral, 1,000 species of fish, and as many species of invertebrates to explore.

This area offers recreational diving for both snorkelers and SCUBA divers. Read more/about) about diving the Egypt and the Red Sea


Explore the red sea

Scuba dive The Great Lakes of the US

You might not relish the idea of donning a thick wetsuit or even a drysuit to explore the waters of the Great Lakes, but be assured there is truly something to witness here. Many shipwrecks have laid at the bottom of these frigid freshwater lakes for more than 100 years.

The Great Lakes have always served the need to transport goods, but not all who have braved these cold waters have lived to tell the tale. Water temperatures are markedly different in summer season than the rest of the year, but placid waters contribute to the still beauty found on the various wrecks of this northern American water mass.

The great lakes are famous for its ship wrecks which often can be dived by recreational scuba divers.

Diving here can be a challenge because of the cold and (sometimes) deep waters. Make sure you go out with an experienced guide if you would like to explore the wrecks here.

Scuba dive The Cenotes

Cenotes are one of the world’s natural wonders — portals to underwater sinkholes in the earth’s surface. Cenotes are found predominantly in Mexico and in Florida, North America, and are surface connections to subterranean water bodies.

Dive the cenotes in Mexico

Photo Credit: asbjorn.hansen

The water that cenotes are comprised of comes mostly from rain water that has slowly infiltrated the ground, seeping into the underwater sinkhole. They are created through a series of collapses and water filtrations. The water found in cenotes is remarkably clear, due to the lack of particulates in the rainwaters from which they are formed.
Would you like to experience how it is to dive in a cenote, read the trip report from a fellow scuba divers first cenote dive.

Everyone has their favorites…what 3 scuba dives are on your bucket list?

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