Are you an avid underwater photographer? Would you like to have your pictures featured on Book Your Dive?
We invite you to send us your best scuba picture.

We see a lot of underwater pictures. Some are good and some are even better. There are a lot of divers who take the plunge and bring there underwater camera.
Would you like your pictures to be seen by thousands of scuba divers world wide? This is your chance.

You might know we also manage 2 Facebook pages with in total 16.000 fans. Our blogposts are read by 5.000 scuba divers each month.
Wouldn’t be cool if your best underwater picture would be featured here and on our Facebook pages?

The only thing you will have to do is send you best picture via e mail and let us know where its is made.
Our team will then choose the best 3 pictures and we will feature these in a blogpost and on our Facebook pages.

There is nothing you can win except eternal fame and the possibility to tell your friends your picture is featured on one of the most active scuba communities on the web.
Don’t be afraid, you do not have to be an artist to win.

Send the best underwater picture you have to And maybe you’ll win eternal fame.

Send us your best under water picture

pic by: aussiegall

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