Here at Book Your Dive, we are excited to soon be able to offer a comprehensive database for dive shops all over the world. Our goal is to provide the most up-to-date information to divers and travelers in search of a particular experience. Dive shops will be able to create a page on our website, with any customization they choose, to advertise their services and present vital information that will assist the traveler in their research of where to go and who to dive with. This database will serve as an opportunity to increase your online presence, and build up a reputation within the dive community based on traveler reviews.

The best part about about our database? It’s free. It’s free for dive shops to create a page, and it’s free for travelers to browse pages. Because we intend for Book Your Dive to be a hub for travelers, divers, and SCUBA businesses, it is one incredibly efficient way to get your name and a summary of what your dive shop offers in front of thousands of divers. Travelers that have used your services can leave their reviews and recommendations, which will bring more business directly to you. For confirmed bookings generated through our website, we charge a 10% booking fee,

This entire system is based on the participation of the entire SCUBA community.


For dive shops, it is important that divers know you exist, and it is important to be highly visible in the online world. There is a wealth of information to be found on the web, and you don’t want to get lost at sea.

For divers, Book Your Dive will offer you an index of dive shops all over the world, as well as other divers’ personal experiences with an operation. Posting reviews is highly encouraged, as the point of the system is to help other divers in their search for quality dive operations worldwide.

Many times in the review world, the focus is on the negative aspects, or a bad experience. While we certainly encourage an objective review, it is important to highlight the great things about a dive site or shop as well. Were the staff particularly friendly or knowledgeable? Make sure you include this in your review so others can enjoy the experience. If you take courses through a dive shop, let others know the quality of your experience. Write about the dive site, the flora and fauna. We all want to make informed decisions in life. Our intent is to build a community of informed individuals, sharing what they know with the SCUBA world.

Since this website is free for all to use, there is no paid promotion between diver and dive shop. There is only an exchange of information for the benefit of the entire community.

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