For years scuba divers and snorkelers alike have gone to Cozumel Mexico thinking that this was the quickest and cheapest place to get a quick snorkeling and scuba diving fix. After that, the buzz went to Belize and rightly so with its Mayan ruins and Blue Hole attraction.

Scuba Dive Bay Islands
Explore the coral reefs of the Bay Islands, Honduras

Scuba divers and snorkelers are on an endless search for new waters and scuba dive destinations. North American travelers are in the happy position of being just a short flight away from the world’s second largest barrier reef, an oceanic attraction that remains a secret to be shared among the scuba diving and snorkeling vacationers.

Scuba Dive the Bay Islands, Honduras

Now, is the time for discovering a new scuba divers paradise called The Bay Islands just South of Belize. This tourist-based group of islands hosts a variety of underwater terrains in a lush tropical locale that has not only Mayan Ruins of it s own, but also majestic mountains, rainforest and barrier reef systems.

The Bay Islands, off the coast of Honduras were once called British Honduras and were also part of Belize and similarly English speaking. Looking for a less crowded Caribbean coastline lapped by turquoise waves? Try The Bay Islands. Do you want rainforest and jungle within easy reach? Try The Bay Islands.

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