5 Excuses To Go And Dive Dahab This Year

diving dahab
diving dahab

Every year, diving enthusiasts from all over the world flock to the Sinai region of Egypt for its fantastic dive sites. Dahab is one such popular destination for divers of all abilities, from learners who enjoy the accessibility of Dahab’s many shore dives, through to hard core divers who relish the challenges of Dahab’s infamous Blue Hole.

If you’re looking for a Red Sea dive destination where you can experience some truly unique and special underwater adventures, check out these five reasons to dive Dahab!

Diving Dahab with the Mountains in the background

Photo Credit: Steve & Jemma Copley

1. Novel Ways to Get to Your Dive Sites


Most of the best sites you’ll want to get to when you dive Dahab are accessed from the shore, so rather than the usual boat trips out to the sites or journeys to shore dive sites in pick up trucks, you’ll find getting to your Dahab dive spots can be a little more interesting.

You can go in a safari style Jeep, or even ride there on a camel! This is actually a fairly standard practice for getting to dive sites, so if you wanted to cross a camel ride off your life’s “to do” list on the same day as getting an amazing dive in, Dahab is the place to go!

2. Many dive centers to choose from

While there is a lot in Dahab to interest even the most experienced diver, it is also a great place to learn to dive, or to take further PADI certifications if you are looking to expand on your diving skills. Because of its popularity among the diving community, if you want to dive Dahab with a dive school or just with a dive buddy you will find plenty to choose from.

It will be easy to find a dive center in Dahab offering the course you want over the period of time you are interested in. Of course we can help you findin the right dive center if you want to dive Dahab.

The infamous Blue Hole in Dahab

Photo Credit: Benjamin Stephan

3. The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole in Dahab is one of the most famous dive sites in the world, though not necessarily for the best reasons! Known as the Diver’s Cemetery because of the number of fatal dive related incidents that have happened here.

The Blue Hole is a challenging dive site where the payoff is some truly spectacular sights, and if you are not faint hearted and you take the right amount of care the Blue hole is a good reason to go diving in Dahab.

4. Great Waters

One of the simplest, yet most compelling reasons to dive Dahab is the water itself. High visibility is assured almost everywhere, almost all of the time, and the temperature in the region ranges from warm in winter to scorching hot in summer, meaning the sea temperature is always pleasant to dive in.

If you’re there in the hot, dry summer period, you’ll want to be in the water as much of the time as you can even when you aren’t diving just to stay cool, so you can have a lot of fun snorkelling here too! You might want to read our Scuba divers guide to diving Dahab too.

5. Fascinating Wildlife

When you dive Dahab, you stand a good chance, depending on the sites you choose, of seeing not only spectacular fish and coral, but also larger marine life, including rays, sharks (although a rare sighting), turtles and much more.

Would you like to go dive Dahab? Feel free to contact us. We have multiple partners that offer dive packages + accommodation and scuba lessons.

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