Have you ever thought about gliding through the water as a jet pilot while scuba diving or free diving?  I did and until now the only option to do so was with a DPV (diver propulsion vehicle) which makes quite some noise, has a big battery and can flood at any time.

Besides the fact DPV’s make a lot of noise and you are not allowed to travel with the battery, you scare most of the marine life when diving with one of these gadgets.We found out that there is another, more easy and more environmental friendly way to fly through the water.

The Dive glide wil take SCUBA and free diving to the next level.

This week we met Glenn Faires in Curacao at GO WEST Diving Curacao. Glenn is the owner and founder of Golden Rock Dive center in St. Eustatius and he is the mastermind behind the Dive Glide.

The last 7 years Glenn worked on fine-tuning his invention. With the The Dive Glide you are able (after some practice) to glide over wrecks and reefs without making any noise in a natural way. Just like skiing, surfing and kite boarding you will be propelled forward using natural forces but then underwater. How cool is that!?

Fly like Superman with the Dive Glide

How does the Dive Glide work?

Inside the The Dive Glide you can mount 2 scuba tanks which are connected to 2 secondary stages which can be controlled with a handle on top of the Dive Glide.

When flat in the water the Dive Glide floats on its 2 wings. A a free diver or scuba diver positions himself right behind it holding the aluminum bar with 1 hand. As soon as you tip the nose a bit forward the Dive Glide will dive down.
You can level the Dive Glide by pulling the nose a bit up. Because of its wings it will now glide through the water in a straight line.

Because you have 1 hand free you can use the handle on top of the Dive Glider to add air into to egg shape cone. When you simultaneously pull the nose up a bit, the air in the cone will release and will make you propel forward. Sounds like fun? Trust me it is!

Using the Dive glide is serious fun

Practice will make perfect

In order to glide like a pro you will need some practice. Give it an hour or so and you will get the hang of it and you will want to go keep using it over and over again. Start in the shallows to learn how to level the Dive Glide in mid water and learn how the glide reacts when air is added.

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