Dive Las Vegas with the crew of Desert Dog Diving. This guest post is written by Travis Ruder who is part of the Desort Dog Dive team.

Diving for me is all about what I make of it. I am not fortunate enough to live on or near an ocean coast where most people seek out well known diving locations. We live in the middle of a dessert surrounded by casinos and hotels and dirt. Most people do not come here with anything other than gambling and partying on their mind.

Diving Las Vegas

Even though DEMA comes here, most people do not know of the diving possibilities lying just on the backside of the sunrise mountain range. Lake mead is where we do 95% of our dives.

The first reaction from most people when we talk about diving in the lake is “eww gross , or there’s nothing to see in there”. Changing this has become my goal. We want to share with the rest of the world the unique diving opportunities we have in our backyard.

Dive Las Vegas, Dive Lake Mead

We have depths from 20′ all the way to 600′. There is what seems to be never ending supply of small private boat wrecks to be found and explored. Some estimate the boat wreck count to be as high as 10,000.

Plain Wreck Diving in Las Vegas

There Are at least two well known airplane wrecks. The famous b-29 bomber which is currently off limits for survey data, and the less known PBY flying boat navy plane, which is one of my favorite dives here. There are numerous construction sites left over from the building of the Hoover dam. Four large aggregate piles with concrete tunnels. Train tracks and cart systems. This lake is a playground for the adventurous at heart.

We are currently gathering massive amounts of video footage with the hopes of showing the public the awesome things there are to see in lake mead The water may not be a beautiful blue. It may be colder and darker than most would prefer. But it’s home for us and we can’t wait to continue our exploration every weekend. We are always hoping to get new people to come and dive with us and let us show them the beauty and history that lake mead holds.

Dive Las Vegas With Desert Dog Diving

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