Scuba divers know that Sabah is the perfect place to explore if they wish to find the best variety of marine specie in the world. Thousands of tourists have flocked the place and the conservation effort of its government has been extremely helpful in ensuring that these natural wonders are preserved for the future generation.

Take a peek of what to expect at some of the most spectacular diving spots visited in Sabah and enjoy your diving experience in its midst.

Sipadan Island

It is praised by no less than Jacques Cousteau, a world-renowned filmmaker and oceanographer. He categorized it as one of the best in the world. It is the only oceanic island in the country and divers will never regret travelling from across the globe just to see it up close.

Some of the interesting dive sites to explore include the turtle tomb, where you will find skeletal remains of turtles that is believed to have strayed from their migration path; the barracuda diving site, where you will be greeted by residential schooling barracuda greeting you in their tornado-like formations accompanied by hammerhead sharks, mantas, and whale sharks. It is truly an amazing site that will bring astonishment to any diver.

Map of Sipidan Island

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Kapalai Reef

Those who wish to experience muck diving should try the glorious beauty of Kapalai Reef. You will most certainly enjoy observing the flamboyant movements of sea moths, blue-ringed octopus, cuttlefish, harlequin ghost pipefish, ribbon eels, crab-eye gobies and even mating mandarinfish playing near the jetty.

It boasts of abundant marine specie, which includes rare appearances of crocodilefish, mantis shrimps, scorpionfish, ambonian shrimps, and lionfish. Get read to be entertained by the colorful performance of these underwater species and enter the magical world of the ocean.

Lagune at Kapalai Reef

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Lankayan Island

This is probably the most romantic diving site in Sabah. It is one-dive resort that offers a tranquil and quixotic ambiance, which is perfect for any couple-divers. You do not need to go very far to enjoy the beauty of the place because it is surrounded by stretches of white sand beaches allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the sunset.

Quite near it is the Turtle Islands Park where are given the chance to see green and hawksbill turtle laying eggs on the sand while the hatched ones go find their way into the ocean for survival. It is a thrilling experience, especially for those who wish a unique honeymoon adventure together.

Of course, it will never disappoint you with the marine creatures waiting to welcome you on your dive like the marbled stingray, the leopard sharks, the giant groupers, the yellowtail barracuda, and the bumphead parrotfish. You will be delighted to visit Lankayan Island, aside from the delicious treats offered by the in-house restaurant of the resort.

Lankayan Beach

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There are other diving spots in Sabah for you to discover and enjoy; however, these three are enough to convince you it is worth your time and effort. Start packing your gears and begin planning your diving schedule to Sabah today. Prepare for a wonderful diving experience and a memorable place you are sure to love for the rest of your life.

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