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5 dive sites you should explore when diving Sharm El Sheikh

Giannis D Sharm El Sheik
Giannis D Sharm El Sheik

Diving in Sharm El Sheikh is a guaranteed good time for anyone who loves to dive. With dives to suit people of all different skill levels and specialist interests, you can find amazing night dives, exciting cave dives, unique wrecks and incredible reefs, and all in crystal clear, calm waters.

Here we take a look at five sites you definitely won’t want to miss when you go diving in Sharm El Sheikh:

Wreck Diving in Sharm El Sheik

The Giannis D

If you like modern wrecks, the Giannis D will be one of the big highlights on your dive calendar when diving in Sharm El Sheikh. She was a Greek freighter, which went down in the early eighties, having hit a reef.


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Explore the Giannis D

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