New divers are generally the first ones to the surface during a dive. The excitement and the rush cause them to breath more rapidly and, therefore, consume air more rapidly.

Lowering your air consumption will be easier then you think it is


As we become more comfortable underwater, our air consumption will improve. Many divers find that either the improvement is too slow or it is not enough and look for other answers. If you are a new diver or an experienced one whose consumption is not where you want it we have some suggestions.

Most People are Never Taught How to Breathe “Properly”

We know that breathing does not need to be taught, but most people over time develop a not as efficient alternative method. When we start to dive, we find that the alternative is not as effective as the natural method.

Natural breathing is from the belly, or more accurate the diaphragm. The diaphragm should provide about 70% of the effort to breath, with the remainder from different muscle groups including the abdomen, neck, chest, and the shoulders.

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The movement of the diaphragm creates a pressure difference that either forces air out of the lungs or draws it in. What most people adapt to is primarily using the chest muscles. This method is shallow and does provide enough air in relaxed situations. It also causes a pressure difference as the chest expands or contracts.

When we dive the pressure on the body means the chest muscles must work harder to expand. In the long run, this is tiring, and the increased effort increases our heart rate and air consumption.

The breathing using the chest is not as deep which means we are not clearing out as much carbon dioxide as we could. The increased carbon dioxide levels cause the efficient transfer of oxygen in the lungs to lessen as well.

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