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What to expect when on a Liveaboard Dive Trip in Sudan?

liveboard dive sudan
liveboard dive sudan

Liveaboard dive in Sudan? “How and why?” will many people ask.
Often scuba divers do not realize just how great a country Sudan is when it comes to exciting liveaboard scuba dive trips.

Expect to see lots of sharks when on a liveboard dive trip in Sudan, together with pristine coral reefs and lots of marine life.

So if you are hoping to plan a liveaboard trip that will allow you to explore brand new scuba dive sites that are unlike any others in the world, checking out Sudan and all that it has to offer.

Sanghaneb Reef, view of the huge coral reef from the lighthouse


Continue reading to learn more about this incredible region of the world and the many liveaboard dive opportunities Sudan has to offer.

Scuba dive Sudan?

Officially known as the Republic of Sudan, this Arab state is located in the Nile Valley of North Africa and it is bordered by Ethiopia, Egypt, South Sudan, Eritrea, Chad, Libya, and the Central African Republic.

It is actually the third largest country in the Arab world, and tourists from around the globe are attracted to the area for various reasons, one of which is the ability to dive into
some of the world’s most unique underwater environments.

Liveaboard Dive Sudan, how to get there?

Most of the liveaboards that you’ll find in Sudan will operate directly out of Port Sudan.
Some liveaboard boats may be able to come down into the area from Egypt, so you do have a bit of flexibility with your choices of dive centers that will take you to the area’s famous sites.

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Scuba dive sites of Sudan

There are many beautiful scuba dive sites throughout Sudan, including:

  • Sanganeb Atoll Marine National Park
  • Abingdon
  • Angarosh, as well as Mesharifa, which is a part of Dungonab Bay Mukkawar Island.

Below are three other noteworthy scuba dive sites to check out when in Sudan

Umbria wreck, a diver close to one of the propellers of the sunken ship

The Wreck of Umbria:
Located about 1½ km from Port Sudan, the wreck of Umbria is one of the best wrecks in the Sudan area.
This Italian ship lies at the bottom of the sea at a depth of 25 meters.

When the tide is low, part of the wreck pops up out of the water, so this is a great dive for all levels of divers, including beginners.
Swim through its cargo spaces and rooms, such as the engine room and bakery, which are surprisingly intact.

You will also find a variety of fish, as well as crabs, throughout the wreck that has now become their shelter. And you will even see some corals growing along the right side of the boat.

Shaab Rumi:
For those who are looking for an exciting reef dive, Shaab Rumi will not disappoint. This site is located about 48 km from Port Sudan and this is the area that Cousteau studied closely with his futuristic underwater buildings known as the Precontinent II. Sharks are a common occurrence here as well.

Precontinent 2 structure, used in 1960 to study sharks behavior

Angarosh: The name of this dive site translates to “Mother of Sharks,” and the title is definitely appropriate because you will see many Grey reef sharks swimming through the site regularly. The reef here has two plateaus, and depths throughout range from 10 meters to 45 meters. Watch for barracuda near the plateaus and manta rays in the deeper areas.

What to See when scuba diving Sudan?

Sharks are one of the many marine species that you will find in the waters of Sudan, and they are one of the biggest draws for scuba divers from around the planet.

There are few other places where you are guaranteed to experience thrilling encounters with many different shark species.
You will also encounter a variety of fish species that include butterfly fish, barracuda, snapper fish, and spiny fish, to name just a few.

In addition to the variety of fish species, you can find crustaceans and a variety of corals within the reefs of Sudan, as well as graceful rays. Some sites also boast dolphins and sea turtles.

Best Time to plan a liveaboard dive trip to Sudan?

Thanks to the warm weather and warm water temperatures throughout Sudan during all 12 months of the year, you can book your liveaboard dive trip to Sudan at any time whatsoever and still enjoy plenty of amazing dive sites.

Travel Tips for Sudan?

  • Scuba divers visiting Sudan must get vaccinated against yellow fever
  • There must not be stamps or visas from Isreal in the passports
  • Carrying alcohol and pornographic/erotic materials into the country is prohibited

What are your thoughts about Liveaboard diving in Sudan?
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