When is the Best Time to Encounter Minke Whales in Australia?

Ribbon Reefs Minke Whale
Ribbon Reefs Minke Whale

A close encounter with Minke Whales in Australia should be a on top of every scuba divers and snorkelers list.

Considered the smallest type of baleen whale, minke whales are beautiful, graceful creatures that are gentle and friendly towards humans, making them a delight to scuba dive with.

The males of this species can reach average lengths of 6.9 meters, or roughly 23 feet, while the females can grow to be 7.4 meters, or 24 feet, in length.


However, there have been minke whales that have grown even larger than average, with the largest males coming in at 9.8 meters, or 32 feet, and the largest female being 10.7 meters, or 35 feet.

Minke Whale in Australia

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Imagine being in the water with these gentle giants as they glide past you. They are just as curious of you as you are of them, yet they mean no harm, and neither do you.

You may think that this scenario is completely impossible, but the truth is that you can book a diving expedition in Australia that will let you make your dream of swimming with minke whales come true.

When’s the Best Time to Dive with Minke Whales in Australia?

Scuba divers from around the world hope to someday swim with graceful whales, but many do not realize how easy it is to fulfill this desire simply by travelling to Australia at the most opportune time.

When it comes to being able to swim with these giants, visiting Australia’s Great Barrier Reef during the months of June and July, which is the winter season for the area, will almost guarantee a Minke whales encounter and will make for a unforgettable dive trip like no other on the planet.

Warm Waters Attract the Minke Whales in Australia

Scientists have figured out that the warm waters that surround Queensland are what attract the minke whales each year.

Anywhere between 60 and 80 minke whales make their way to the area during these two months of the year in order to enjoy the warmth, play with one another, socialise, mate, and give birth to their young.

What to Expect During a Dive with Minke Whales in Australia

The great thing about the minke whales that visit Australia’s waters is that they are not afraid of interacting with humans. In fact, they have no fear when divers are in the water with them, unlike many other creatures that divers regularly encounter. Instead, they will approach humans with curiosity.

These animals have even been known to follow dive boats as they move from one dive site to another, and will pop their heads out of the water to peer at passengers onboard.

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When in the water with divers, they are known for coming up to one meter away and closely watching in wonder as the divers, too, are mesmerized by the experience.

But instead of getting bored after a few minutes and swimming away, they hang around, closely checking out each diver. Clearly, these intelligent marine mammals want to get up close and personal to better understand humans and interact with them.


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Go with a Reliable, Eco-Friendly Tour Guide

To swim respectfully with the minke whales in Australia, use one of our partners to book your excursion. As these tour boats venture into the Great Barrier Reef where the minke whales are found, they are also helping scientists and researchers collect important data on the creatures so that we can all come to better understand the species’ habits and needs.

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