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4 Tips That Help You Plan Your Next Scuba Trip

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Lots of forward planning and preparation are the keys to any successful scuba diving trip.

Of course lots of people do make a last minute decision to go scuba diving in some far flung location, book a cheap flight and accommodation, and then head off into the wild blue yonder with their dive kit in tow, but the chances of things going wrong are a lot higher.

So it is better to plan your scuba trip carefully and look forward to a hassle-free trip of a lifetime instead. What essentials do I need to consider when planning a scuba trip abroad?

Do some research before you embark on your scuba diving trip


In order to have the best possible experience abroad, research your dive centre before you travel. Doing a bit of research in advance of your trip will enable you to find out what the dive centre has to offer and plan your dives in advance.

Research will help you work out where the best dive locations are Maybe you prefer boat dives only or do you get sea sick on longer boat trips. Make sure you find the dive center which best fits your needs.

Online research is easy

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The internet is a fabulous place to find out useful information—check out scuba diving forums and ask other users for advice and tips.

Divers who have been there before you should be able to offer some useful words of wisdom that will help make your trip one to remember. But once you have exhausted all that the internet has to offer, if you have any specific questions, it can also be helpful to contact the dive centre directly.

Book your scuba kit in for a service before you travel abroad

Have your gear serviced before you leave for foreign climes, as this should prevent any equipment related disasters from occurring at an inopportune moment during your trip.
Ideally you should have your scuba gear serviced by a qualified professional at least once per year anyway.


When you are planning a long haul trip, it is sensible to give it a full service before you travel, just to put your mind at ease and give you the opportunity to replace any worn parts in plenty of time. Should you forget to do so, you run the risk of having to replace essential parts whilst abroad, which could end up being a costly experience.

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Scuba Insurance cover

Adequate SCUBA insurance cover is an absolute must-have and a Divers Alert Network (DAN) scuba dive accident insurance policy should be top of your list of ‘things to do before I travel’.

Going scuba diving abroad without a specialized scuba insurance policy in place is risky at best and insane at worst and a DAN insurance policy is there to protect you from any unexpected expenses that may arise should things go catastrophically wrong during your trip.


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A DAN membership will enable you to obtain comprehensive insurance at a level to protect you against specific dive related problems, as well as general medical issues. Typical items covered by a DAN insurance policy include decompression illness and the loss of dive equipment underwater.

Pack a save a dive kit

A save a dive kit is something all scuba divers should have. Your save a dive kit doesn’t need to contain everything apart from the kitchen sink, but it should contain a few essentials such as replacement parts for your scuba gear, first aid kit, and a few key items such as sun cream and travel sickness medicine.

Without such items, you risk having to forfeit your dive when something unexpected goes wrong at the last minute, so make a list of essential ‘quick fix’ items and keep them stashed in a water tight box. And lastly, always make sure you include your save a dive kit box when you pack your gear for a scuba diving trip abroad.

What are your tips for when planning a scuba trip?
Let us know in the comments below

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