After months of planning, tweeting, talking, dreaming and coding we finally did it.

Book Your Dive is here.

With Book Your Dive we have created a platform where scuba divers and scuba divers to be can Review, Compare and Book their scuba dives.

We decided to build this platform because we thought there was no professional platform where a scuba diver could go to, to find information about a specific dive center.

We are open for business

Our goal is to create an easy way to browse dive centers by destination. Read reviews and help you to make a safe choice where to go diving.
For now we only offer the possibility to book scuba lessons or guided fun dives.
We like to keep it simple. In the near future we will add the possibility to book accommodations to.

That’s it, nothing more and nothing less. But we will make sure we’ll become the best in what we do.

We launched a few days ago with 80 profile pages from dive center in 10 country’s. This is a good start. From this point on we will develop the platform continuously to guarantee you the best user experience on the web.

We like to keep it simple and straight forward. Therefore we do not offer any features like:

  • Online logbook service
  • Buddy find interfaces
  • Dating for scuba divers
  • Web shops

What we do offer?

A easy to use platform where you can:

  • Browse dive centers by destination.
  • Read reviews from fellow divers.
  • Write a review for a dive center.
  • Book your scuba lessons and guided fun dives.

We are a small company, therefore you can always get in touch with us directly.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time trough E mail, live chat, Twitter or what ever way is convenient.

We look forward to any suggestion you might have.

Feel free to check out our Scuba Dive partners on the map below for packages, training or guided trips:

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