Australia is surrounded by over 47,000km of coastline making it a diver’s haven. The diving in Australia is some of the most diverse in the world – from the Great Barrier Reef, to the crystal clear waters of Jervis Bay and Nigaloo to the caves of Mt Gamier.

One of the beauties of diving in Australia is that you never fail to come back from a dive without wondering what new fish or nudibranch you saw. Regardless, here are some more offbeat’ diving locations of Australia (in no particular order):

The Opera House in Sydney

Photo Credit: szeke

Scuba Diving: Nelson Bay

Nelson Bay has some of the greatest shore dives on the east coast along with heaps of islands close by making heaps of dive sites around. The best shore dives are the Pipeline, Halifax Park and Fly Point.

Scuba Diving: The Coral Sea

The Coral Sea lies over 150km further of the Great Barrier Reef, making it only accessible by liveaboard. For anyone willing to travel the distance to get there, its worth the trip!

Scuba Diving: Fish Rock Cave, South West Rocks – a great cave dive: home to heaps of pelagic fish, grey nurse sharks, and heaps of fish life!

Scuba Diving: Sydney

The waters around Sydney are extremely diverse and are suitable for divers of any experience – from deep wrecks to easy shore dives. But don’t come to Sydney if you’re a sprinter, the diving is always better if you go slowly and look at the amazing array of life that reveals itself on each dive. For a major city, Sydney dive sites are incredible.

Scuba Diving: The SS Yongala Wreck in Cairns

best dive site in the world. It is home to turtles, rays and sharks. A ‘must do’ if you plan on coming to Australia and doing some diving.

One of the most famous wreck in Australia

Photo Credit: Orin Zebest

Lord Howe Island

The Lord Howe Island is the southern-most reef in the Southern Pacific Ocean, making it a dive location that crosses between tropical and temperate waters. There is a vast array of sea life from both types of waters.

Scuba Diving Ningaloo Reef

The Nigaloo Reef is older than the Great Barrier Reef and there is less tourism activity, making it a lot quieter than the GBR.If an encounter with a whale shark is on your bucketlist Ningaloo Reef is the place where you will find them.

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