UK scuba dive destinations are not among the most popular scuba diving adventures, but the excursions are definitely memorable. During dives, it is not uncommon to view coral reefs or ship wrecks. Both holiday travellers or visitors to the 2012 London Olympics should consider a diving expedition to discover UK’s underwater treasures. The top five UK dive destinations are intriguing for explorers. 

1. English Channel

Visitors who enjoy marine life will enjoy the warm waters of the English Channel. The south coast offers the most dive destinations of any other location in the UK. Divers will get a nice mix of history and nature in this location. In 1932, a 90-metre submarine built for aeroplane launching sank in the English Channel. Though the wreck is covered in marine flora and fauna, it can be viewed in an upright position beneath 35 meters of ocean water. 

view on the english channel

2. Cornwall

Cornwall is one of the longest stretches of accessible coastline in the UK. The wreck of the USS James Egan Layne, is one of the most popular shipwrecks to visit. This ship weighs 7176 tons and was sunk after being hit by a torpedo in 1945. Dive operators in Cornwall take divers to the area to view the famous shipwreck.

3. Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire is known for its warm waters and incredible wildlife. Views down below often include offshore wrecks and coral reefs. The most impressive wreck off the coast of Pembrokeshire is the Lucy. In 1967, the 52-metre ship sunk. The crew managed to make it out of the ship before it began its underwater journey to North Haven. The ship can be viewed in an upright position. 

4. Falmouth

Falmouth has many locations for scuba diving and night dives. Snorkelling and night dives are also common off the coast of Swanpool Beach and Gyllyngvase Beach. Beneath the ocean waters, 1916 oil tanker wreckage, Ponus, may be found off the coast of Gyllyngvase. Divers may view World War I wreckage off the coast of Castle Beach. In this particular dive, a U-Boat is divided in two sections for divers to explore.

Swanpool Beach

5. Northumberland

Visitors who are fond of seals may enjoy diving in the North Sea. The Farne Islands have one of the largest colonies of grey seals in the area. Any one of the 30 islands will offer a spectacular view of these friendly animals. This is not the most preferred area to dive, but the seals are worth the effort. Simply travel to the east coast of the UK to begin the adventure. 

History buffs and nature lovers will appreciate the dives near the UK coastline. Rich with historical relics and beautiful marine life, divers cannot go wrong with these hidden treasures. Consider these top five UK scuba diving destinations on the next holiday excursion.

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