You may have your own diving equipment, but it is still always recommended to use trusted dive centers in order to ensure that you remain safe during your dive. 
Below are some useful hints and tips on what to look for when choosing a dive center in a foreign country.

How to find a proper dive center?

Choosing the right dive center

  1. Have an idea of what your expectations of a dive center are.  Do you want a small and personal service or do you want a luxury dive center that is used to organizing dives with large groups of people?

  2. Diving schools should always have a personal touch.  You should be made to feel welcome and important and be able to speak to the instructors about what your requirements are and how they can best meet them.  If you are an experienced diver, your needs will be different than if you are going on a first dive, for example.

  3. Check the qualifications of diving instructors.  They should all be fully trained and licensed to provide diving courses and most will also have specific areas of specialization.

  4. Of course, a good dive center can be recognized by their facilities and the state of their diving equipment. It needs to be obvious that all their equipment is cared for properly and you should be made to feel comfortable to ask questions about these issues. 

  5. If your dive center has a boat, make sure that you are able to see that the boat is well maintained. It does not need to be a luxury yacht in order to be good, of course, but it should not be in a state of severe disrepair. 

Some other questions you may want to ask as well are what sort of facilities are available for your comfort, can you store your valuable belongings somewhere, is there a place for you to shower after a dive, do they have repair facilities and a shop in case you are missing some of your own equipment?

You should also make sure that your dive center does not allow too many people on their boat and that emergency equipment specific to the dangers of water and divers are available, such as life jackets and a specialized first aid kit.

The main thing when choosing a dive center in a foreign country is to follow your instinct.  If you do not feel good after visiting a dive school, then try to find another one, even if you have no real concrete reason to feel the way you do.

What are your tips for choosing the right dive center?

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