One of the very best places on the planet where you can experience a thrilling and unforgettable liveaboard dive are the Brother Islands of the Red Sea.

In fact, Big Brother, which is one-half of the Brother Islands, was named the second best dive site in the Red Sea and the ninth best dive site in the world by CNN in 2012.

Liveaboard diving trips are really popular all over the world, and scuba divers love them because they get to experience a particular scuba diving site, or multiple dive sites for that matter, for days at a time rather than just a few hours at a time.

Big Brother Island with the famous lighthouse in the Red Sea

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Liveaboards also make it a lot easier to enjoy both day and night dives at the same site, as different creatures come out once the sun goes down.

Continue reading to learn more about the Brother Islands in the Red Sea and what you can expect to see there.

What are the Brother Islands?

The Brother Islands are also referred to as Al Akhawein. They are a couple of small islands located in the Red Sea of Egypt, and they are called Big Brother and Little Brother.

Various dive sites can be found throughout both islands, and scuba divers from around the globe arrive at these islands throughout the year in order to experience some of the most beautiful coral reefs and exciting wreck dives the Red sea has to offer.

Small Brother Island

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It is important to note that, although the Brother Islands are really inviting both on land and beneath the surface, the scuba dive sites surrounding the Brother islands are only suitable for experienced divers with advanced certifications.

The Brother islands’ dive sites have difficult conditions to contend with, including extremely strong currents, so you need to be confident before getting into the water.
Also, these islands are in an isolated location, and you should always be sure to go out with an experienced crew that really knows the area and how to get through a scuba dive there safely.

How to Get to the Brother Islands in the Red Sea?

Before you arrive in Egypt, it is best to book your excursion with one of the many local dive centers that offer liveaboard trips, as this is the greatest way to experience the many dive sites around the Brother Islands.

Dive Sites surrounding the Brother Islands

The Aida:
This transport supply ship is 75 meters long and a popular wreck dive off Big Brother. It sank in 1957 and now can be found at a range of 30 to 60 meters deep.

Large groupers can be found at the deepest end of the wreck while other colorful marine life and soft and hard corals are found throughout the reef that has established itself there over the years.

Dive site map Big Brother in the Red Sea

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The Numidia:
This dive site is also found off Big Brother Island. It is often referred to as the Railway Wreck, which sank in 1901. This was a British wooden cargo ship that was on its second voyage, headed for India, when it met its end.

It is 130 meters long and you can still see the two locomotive wheels that were aboard the ship when it went under.
Whatever framework is left of the ship is now covered in gorgeous corals, and the reef that has been created here over the years is now full of life. Depths range from 8 to 90 meters.

Little Brother:
Walls surround Little Brother Island, and a sloping reef teeming with life eventually gives way to a plateau where you can encounter Silvertip and Grey reef sharks at about 40 meters deep. You may even get lucky and see some hammerheads. Black corals, barracuda, tuna, and massive gorgonian fans are other highlights.

Scuba dive site map Little Brother Island

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What to See when scuba diving the Brother Islands in the Red Sea?

When exploring the dive sites off of Big Brother Island, look not only for the colorful reefs, but also for wrasses, barracuda, and sharks. Be sure to bring your camera to take photos not only of the reefs and their amazing coral life but also of the pelagic that will swim by.

Best Time to Dive the Brother Islands in the Red Sea?

You can dive the Brother Islands all year long. Water temperatures range from 23-30°C, or 73-86°F, with visibility ranging from 20-30 meters.

Would you like to scuba dive or did you explore the Brother Islands in the Red Sea already?
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