It just became easier to generate more bookings for the services you provide.
From now on you are able to publish packages including accommodation to you profile page.
To make it even better we will add the packages to your profile for free!

Publish you packages to your profile page
Add pictures of the accommodation

If you would like to publish your packages we need the following:

  • The URL of the page where the packages are published
  • Pictures of the rooms and the surroundings in high resolution
  • The embed code from a video (When available. This can be Youtube or Vimeo)
  • A price list of the packages in pdf
  • A list with facilities offered
  • You do not have to send the info seperatly if the packages are published on your site
  • please send us the URL of the page where we can find the packages.

As soon as we receive the necessary information we will add the packages to your profile page.

What happens when a visitor from BookYourDive would like to book a package?

  • A visitor makes a booking request by selecting a package and submitting all the necessary contact information and preferred dates.
  • We contact you to confirm availability and forward any questions the client might have
  • We confirm the requested dates with the client who then can book the package by paying a down payment of 10%
  • We send you all the details via e mail and you follow up like you would with any other booking

Easy does it!

To send us the necessary information just send us an e mail

If you would have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,

Rutger and the Book Your Dive team

Feel free to check out our Scuba Dive partners on the map below for packages, training or guided trips:

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