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After a long flight, you finally make it to your holiday destination. Coming down the escalator or embarking the boat, touts are waiting for you. Mister, Mister have a look at this hotel, come dive with us. This should be a familiar scene for any traveler. The only argument that usually works is to tell them that you have booked a accommodation or a dive already.

If you haven’t done this upfront chances are that you will be taken on a trip downtown and pass numerous guest houses or dive centers that pay the tout a commission. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Worst case scenario is that you end up in a guest house or hotel you do not want to be in. No problem, you rest your bones and go find a new one first thing in the morning.

But what happens if you are talked in to diving with a dive center that doesn’t meet any standards, that doesn’t employ responsible scuba instructors or dive masters?  If you haven’t been diving before, how do you know if it is an established dive center? When you are an experienced diver and you come to a place where you have never been before, how do you know which dive center to choose?



Find a dive centre that fits you

As a scuba dive instructor I have seen a lot of  dive centers out there that I never ever would dive with. All over the world touts came up to me to ask me to dive with their dive center. They will show me all the best sites, and promise give me the experience of a lifetime. Thanks for the offer, but I will join the dive center that was recommended to me by my friends or fellow divers, those I trust.

About a year ago I was thinking about this, and asked myself the question, Why can’t I book scuba lessons or a dive package online based on reviews from fellow divers that I can trust? That would give me the best argument to the touts: “Sorry, I have booked already. I’m just waiting for the pick up.”

Soon BookYourDive will be launched. Here you can read reviews, book scuba lessons online, or book that advanced course you always wanted to take. Want to do some fun dives? You can book packages too. Our goal is to help scuba divers worldwide to make safe choices about where to go diving in a region where they haven’t been before.

Feel free to check out our Scuba Dive partners on the map below for packages, training or guided trips:

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