Dive The Wreck of the Superior Producer in Curacao

superior producer sinking
superior producer sinking

The wreck of the Superior Producer in Curacao is one of the most popular wreck dives in the former Dutch Caribbean. The ship which was a small freighter that sank just outside the harbor of the island.

If you love diving shipwrecks, this is definitely one that you need to add to your must-see list. Continue reading to learn why this dive site is so popular among wreck divers.

The History Behind the Superior Producer

The Superior Producer sank in September of 1977 outside the busy port of Willemstad. The ship was headed towards Isla Margarita in Venezuela. It was filled with alcohol and clothes, which would be used for the upcoming Christmas shopping season.

But because the seas were rough and there was far too much heavy cargo on the ship that ended up shifting out of place, it became impossible for it to stay afloat. Just a little while after the ship set sail the ship began to sink quickly on an even keel.

The Superior Producer On her Way Down

While this may seem like a tragedy, the people on shore were actually overjoyed because they were able to essentially take everything that they could recover from the cargo on the ship. People donned the clothes and drank up all of the alcohol that did not go down with the Superior Producer.

The story goes that the people who recovered the clothes from the ship gave this to the islanders who really needed it who used the jeans, shirts a for years to come.


The Location of the Superior Producer Wreck

The wreck of the Superior Producer in Curaçao is found sitting upright in about 30 meters, or 100 feet, of water. It is easily found about 60 meters, or 197 feet, off the coast of Otrobanda. It measures roughly 50 meters, or 164 feet, in length, so it is definitely a sight to behold at the bottom of the sea, and as you approach it, you will begin to see its vast shadow taking shape.

The Superior Producer Wreck dive usually is a shore dive Expect to do a surface swim of 5 to 10 minutes before you get to the mooring that is attached to the ship. Since the wreck lies so close to the actual cruise terminal boots are not allowed to get to the dive site.


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