We found this video of a “walking octopus” and could not believe what I saw.
I know these creatures are highly inteligent are masters of disguise and are even able to mimic other animals, but this is freaking awesome 🙂

Our friends at Wikipedia explain the following

“In 2005, some octopuses (Adopus aculeatus and Amphioctopus marginatus under current taxonomy) were found to walk on two arms, while at the same time resembling plant matter. This form of locomotion allows these octopuses to move quickly away from a potential predator while possibly not triggering that predator’s search image for octopus (food).

A study of this behavior conducted by the Weymouth Sea Life Centre led to the suggestion that the two rearmost appendages may be more accurately termed ‘legs’ rather than ‘arms’. Some species of octopuses can crawl out of the water for a short period, which they may do between tide pools while hunting crustaceans or gastropods or to escape predators”


Have you ever seen something like this??
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